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I’m revamping my blog, and my sponsor section is down for now.

Reviews and Giveaways

I love giveaways. Like, a lot.

And if you want a whole lot of traffic to your shop or website, you probably love giveaways, too.

I would like to host your giveaway. Probably. Depends on what it is.

Send me an email.

But you know what I love more than giveaways? Reviews and Giveaways.

If you send me your product, I will test it out. And if I like it, I will write a review about it.

And at the end of that review, lets have a contest, so one of my readers can try it, too.

Does it get any better than that?

No, it does not.

Joint Ventures.

Try me.

Well, hi. I’m Helena. Igrew up on a blueberry farm in Western Michigan. My days were spent reading on the beach in the summer, and reading in my bedroom under a quilt in the chilly Michigan winter. I moved out to Utah to go to school, and to get away from my family. You know, typical angsty teenager stuff. While out there, I met this guy named Kurt, who was also from Michigan. But we were just friends.

Flash forward 9 years. We got married, and then we moved to Pittsburgh so he could go to Dental School. What can I say, the guy likes teeth. Now we have a little girl, a baby boy, two little turtles, and a whole new adventure ahead of u

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