(Not gonna lie, I made these up. But I think they will be frequently asked questions. You know, someday. When I’m famous. So why not just answer them now?)

If this is a crafty blog, how come you keep posting crap about your life?

Good question! This actually isn’t a crafty blog. I blog about my life. And my life includes crafts. It also includes friends, family, and stories about my frustrating, um adorable husband and baby.

How do you pronounce Helena?

Hell-ay-nuh. There is actually an accent over the second “e” to make it say “A”. No, I’m not making that up! It’s on my birth certificate. My mom was really feeling her french heritage that year. Here, I’ll put it in: Heléna. That’s my real name.

You named your daughter Syndil?? What kind of name is that???

Well, it was either that, or combine Kurt and Helena- Kurlena? Helurt? I think I made the right choice. There were a couple other reasons, too, but that was the main one.

So how do you pronounce it?

It sounds just like “spindle”, without the “p”. Sin-dle. Or Sin-dil.

Are you really that terrible to your husband?

Yes. I really am. Ask him, he’ll tell you.

Can I copy your words/pictures and use them on my blog?

Totally, as long as you credit me for my work. Proper credit includes a prominent, easily visible link to the source of the material you want to use. Don’t try to pass my crap off as yours.

Also, please refrain from doing complete re-posts of my work without getting my permission first. You are welcome to use a few paragraphs or quotes and link people back to me, but if you want to use a whole blog post for something, ask me beforehand.

Is there a story behind that awesome stick figure dancing on your header?

Um, I think you mean that awesome PHOTOGRAPH of me dancing in my header. I took that picture myself.

Where did you get that awful um, adorable shirt you’re wearing in your profile picture?

It’s a Woot! shirt. And watch it buddy, that’s my favorite t-shirt you’re talking about.

You are super awesome at promoting Giveaways. Will you host one for me??

Probably. Email me, and we will talk.

Can I interview you?

Yes. I will do interviews for free.

You were homeschooled??

I know. And I’m not even a hermit.

You mentioned that you suffer from depression. I do too. Do you have any advice on how to handle it?

Well, I don’t know anything about your situation, and I am not a therapist. However, I can promise that exercise will help, at least a little bit. As will talking to people. My mom suffered from clinical depression, which is a whole ‘nother category. It wasn’t until she received professional help that she started getting better.

Recently you started talking about your Mother. Can I ask how she died?

Yes, of course. She died in 2004, of colon cancer.

Well, hi. I’m Helena. Igrew up on a blueberry farm in Western Michigan. My days were spent reading on the beach in the summer, and reading in my bedroom under a quilt in the chilly Michigan winter. I moved out to Utah to go to school, and to get away from my family. You know, typical angsty teenager stuff. While out there, I met this guy named Kurt, who was also from Michigan. But we were just friends.

Flash forward 9 years. We got married, and then we moved to Pittsburgh so he could go to Dental School. What can I say, the guy likes teeth. Now we have a little girl, a baby boy, two little turtles, and a whole new adventure ahead of u

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