Thursday, January 15, 2015

A little rock

"Here mama, little rock!" I looked down at her excited face, and reached out my hand. She beamed up at me. "Mama, in pocket?"

A minute later, I crouched down to whisper in her ear. "Look, Syndil! A deer."

We watched the majestic doe as she wandered across our path, not even 15 feet away. Deer are common around here, but we have never been this close.

She stopped to consider us, then almost shrugged as she kept going.

After a few minutes, we continued our stroll. I noticed that this was a frequent deer hangout. There were quite a few patches of old deer pellets that we had to step over.

Then it hit me. "Oh, man..."

I reached in my pocket, and found Syndil's "rock."

The end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My own personal cheering section

Syndil's fist 4 word sentence!! 

"You did it, Mama!" she cheered, clapping her hands and jumping up in down. 

....In the busy Target bathroom.

Somebody give me an M&M.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Have you ever felt like you were witnessing a train wreck? But simultaneously, you ARE the train wreck? This was kind of like that.

Today I was pumping gas. 

Syndil was grumpy, so I was crouching down and running around the car, popping up in different places to keep her entertained. You know, making faces and stuff. 

A woman was walking past, and stopped to see who I was playing with.

"Aw, look at her! Hi cutie! How old is she?"

"She is 2, and he is 8 weeks"

"There are two of them!! Wow, and look at you, pregnant with another one!"


"Wait, did you say 8 weeks? That is You aren't pregnant, are you?"

I was speechless.

"Well. Sorry. I just thought..." She gestured to my tummy. Then she shook her head. "Never mind."

And she walked away.

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