Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Would you ever eat your placenta?

Not going to lie, people. It grosses me out- a LOT. But...I might do it anyway. In pill form- not with a chisel from my freezer. I need to draw the line somewhere.

But why draw it here? Why not on the other, more normal side of this issue? Good question. And I'm not sure of my answer. I'm feeling very conflicted.

A large part of me (most of me) thinks this is the stuff of nightmares. 

So why even consider this?? Well, there is a big history of both post partum and clinical depression in my family, and I need to be closely monitored post partum (by choice). 

The tricky thing about depression is, when you are depressed, sometimes you can't see how bad it is until you are looking back- when the view is terrifying, because you can see just how close you were standing to a dangerous ledge, and how tempted you were to just step off. 

So, even though I may think I'm fine in the moment- I could be wrong. And the hormones in the placenta are supposed to be tailor-made for your post partum needs. Which, that makes sense, since your body made them (ew).

I actually had no ppd issues with Syndil. But my mother's battle started with her second kid- me. 

So, there is that. 

Other reasons I'm considering this: 

It's, um, healthy and stuff? Ok, I haven't really looked into other benefits. The depression one- that's the main reason for me.

But I really don't know if I can hack it. Without hacking it (ha. sorry.) 

Could you do it? Have you done it?


Honestly, I can't cut raw chicken without gagging- it just feels too much like what I imagine human flesh would feel like. So to actually prepare human flesh...?


But, you know, kudos to those of you who can do it. Also, to those of you who can touch raw chicken. Neither of these things is easy.

So, what does it come down to?

My stomach and mind rebel at the idea of eating a part of my body. If my arm was stuck in a trap and I was going to have to chew it off, fox-style? I would probably just die instead.

But, PPD is no joke. And this could help.


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