Monday, April 7, 2014

This whole pregnancy thing just isn't as...monumental? As last time.

Thank you for your support the other day, with I miss the memories I don't have. Losing my mom ten years ago- it's scabbed over, you know? Not so much of an open wound. It mostly just itches. But April second just makes everything a little more raw.

Your comments and thoughts are very appreciated.


We haven't been as good at taking pictures this time around. Heck, the whole pregnancy thing just isn't as...monumental? As last time. With Syndil, I had 3 pregnancy apps, and could tell you the week she developed eyelashes. This time, I have to guess which week I'm in when people ask (33, as of today- I just checked).

Anybody else experience this?

Last time I'd had 3 photoshoots by professionals by the time I was this far along. All were done by talented friends,and didn't actually cost me anything, but even if I'd had to pay I would have because I was so darn excited, and wanted to document everything.

This time around, I live far from those friends. So it's mostly up to Kurt (or my 30 second timer) to take pictures. I have some exciting ideas for photo shoots, but they just feel like so much work! Kurt is rarely home, and when he is, I mostly just pawn our daughter off and take a nap.

But, the other day, he took the camera into his own hands, and snapped a few while we were playing. And, I'm pretty sure my well-thought-out photo shoots aren't going to be nearly as pretty as this candid. It's a bit blurry (most pictures of Syndil are, these days), but I still love it.

I have a weakness for backlighting. And do you see her fingers?? I'm in love.


On a related note, do you guys have any tips for using Photoshop Elements? I just realized that my Bamboo drawing tablet came with it, and I'm pretty excited- but I have no idea how to use it. I opened it to edit this picture, and closed it again 2 minutes later because it's like they are trying to be as cryptic as possible. All those symbols, and no description when you hover over them? Obviously, it was not made for a person like me. Picmonkey is more my comfort zone. Any tips on where to find some good tutorials?


And if any of you blog about your children, and are looking for a place to link up some of your best posts, I found a great little link up. It's at Perfection Pending, called Manic Mondays. It starts Mondays, but goes all week (this week's link up is here). Enjoy!

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