Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Being THAT pregnant.

This is just as comfortable as it looks. Anybody want to take over for a few days, so my back can get a break? ;)

I'm just sitting here, waiting for Syndil to wake up from her nap, and thinking about being this pregnant. So many things I didn't remember. 

The way my feet spread/grow under the pressure. 

Hitting things with my belly when I turn around (mostly Syndil, haha. Poor girl gets knocked over by her brother at least twice each day). 

The terrified looks people give me when they see me coming. 

The awkward comments they make because they have no idea what to say, but feel compelled to say something. 

The killer leg cramps that wake me from a dead sleep. 

The fact that only 3 shirts even fit anymore, and those probably have stains on them that I can't see, because my boobs and belly are in the way. 

The fact that I'm ok with that. 

The way people talk about rather intimate parts of my body- even people I don't know. I'm not embarrassed about my cervix, but I don't usually volunteer details about my lady parts in the check out line. 

The way women ask me about my birth plan, and then tell me I'm doing it wrong. Too natural, and I must be holier-than-thou, and looking for a medal. Not natural enough, and don't I care about my baby? 

Getting stuck in bed, and needing a push to get out 6-8x per night, so I can pee. 

Applying a new layer of deodorant 3+ times each day. 

The way people hold open doors and offer to help. Appreciating that, even though I really could do it all myself. 

Wanting him to come as soon as he can, because I can't wait to meet him. 

Wanting him to wait another 3 months, because I'm not ready. 

The weird looks I get when he starts dancing in there, and my belly starts to move. 

The REALLY weird looks when that happens, and I'm next to a teenager. 

Feeling so special. 

Feeling so frumpy. 

Feeling so, so ready to have my body back. 

5 more weeks.

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