Friday, March 28, 2014

Nap schedule changes need to be submitted 12 hours in advance.

I ran away to the post office today. 

After a few hours of not-napping in her crib, Syndil was just too much for me to handle. 

I was trying to figure out what to do. Leave her in there for 2 more hours? Give in, and deal with a super cranky toddler for the rest of the day? Run away?

I chose option #3.

I took her with me, mostly because I was craving those amazing harmonies she produces while screaming along to the radio. 

A tired toddler's scream is just so soothing in an enclosed space.

And tonight, when Kurt gets home? I am going to smile, hand him his daughter, and hit the road. I'm not sure where I'll go, but I will go alone. And I will probably spend money. And pee without her sitting on my lap in the stall.

Anybody else need a break?

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