Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's talk. Yes?

Hey guys, how are you? It's been so long since we've talked. So, let's sit down together and have a conversation. I'll catch you up on our life, and then you can catch me up on yours.

Kurt graduated!

Thank goodness. I knew he probably would, but I was so ready for that chapter in our life to be over. Having a husband who is in school is very different than a husband who is working regular hours.

...but then he went and started a killer residency. So those regular hours? Are a few years away. And I find myself missing the good old days in Pittsburgh, when he was just in school.

If I had realized that those were the good days, I would have appreciated them more. Right? Probably not. But in retrospect, I should have.

This residency is...tough. It's like they asked him "What would you like to specialize in?" and he said "Oh, everything. At one time. And I'd love to never see my family." And they said, "Well, we have the program for you!"

Someday being a comprehensive dentist will be awesome, because he will be able to do everything except oral surgery- although he will be able to extract wisdom teeth.

But for now? That crazy residency means he is working 15-18 hours every week day, and on the weekend he only has to go in for about 8 hours each day. 

Syndil sees him maybe once every 3 days.

I'm not complaining. (ok, yes, I am a little). We knew what we were getting into. People were very blunt and honest. But reality is so much harder.

Sigh. Shrug. Smile a little wryly, since I know this is a first-world problem, and I need to count my blessings, focus on the positive, glass-half-full, etc etc etc. Think about deleting this whole post. Rethink it, because these are challenging times for me, and these are valid feelings, and we are friends. Plus, if you want to complain to me, I'm not going to roll my eyes and compare your situation to someone in a third-world country. Worry that maybe we aren't very good friends anymore, since it has been a long time. Decide you can always just close this window, and I won't even know that you stopped reading. Breathe deeply, and keep writing.

So, since life is so crazy right now, what did we go and do?

The timing is a little off, but we are very happy. Especially Syndil.

(kidding, she is too little to really get it. Although she does love cuddling her baby doll. And throwing it down and jumping on it's head. So, that's probably a good sign.)

And, well, that's it. That's our crazy life.

How about you? What have you been up to?

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