Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What does it mean?!??

I logged into my email this morning. I do this a lot. If I don't, it gets overrun with Babies R Us ads, and Totsy previews. I didn't really expect anything exciting. So I just wasn't prepared.
"With one another although by utilizing aid of those satisfying sexual film match titles for adults, you happen to be capable to absolutely carry the chance to revive the fires of lust and adore inside of your specific man or woman every single evening each day life. It's possible you'll also enlarge your perspectives when it involves imaginativeness and creativeness. Seriously a quantity of corporations inside the globe present in these varieties of a segment" -a comment left on my I-Hate-Cycling post
What does it mean?!?? I am being very careful NOT to click through the name and see where it came from- I'm pretty sure the site will be both illegal, immoral, and full of computer-eating viruses.
Any ideas? At first it sounds like they have taken an interest in my sex life. But then, they start talking about corporations and globalizations and I am so confused.
Well played, spammers.

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