Thursday, January 24, 2013

Well, THAT was awkward. A link up.

We were outside the Dr's office. It's in a shady area. Not dangerous, but this is Pittsburgh. So my"shady" might be your "Too scary to walk alone in the daytime." It's all about perspective.

"What a cute little boy. How old is he?"

I looked over at the older lady asking me that question. She was in her 50's, and pushing a stroller. In the stroller was a cute little girl, maybe a few months older than Syndil.

I could have corrected her, but like I said yesterday, that gets really awkward. Since she was headed in the other direction, I just smiled, and said,

"6 months."

There. Noncommittal, gender-neutral answer.

"And your girl?"

"Oh, she's my granddaughter! She's 9 months."

I congratulated her, smiled, and started walking inside.

"Wait, I want to see him!"

Oh dear. I stopped, and, nervously reached down to tuck Syndil's blanket a little closer to her chin.The blanket may be gender neutral-ish, but her outfit was not.

"Oh! He is adorable! Look Kaneesha, he can be your boyfriend! You'll be the cutest couple! He is so handsome!"

Oh dear. Do I say something? I can't say something. I should have said something.

"What's his name?"

Now what do I do??

"Um, Ch-Charles?" I gulped out, a flash of pink catching my eye. Was the blanket creeping up over the edge?? I quickly tucked it back down, hiding the pink.

"Well, we'll call him Charlie, won't we? Hi Charlie! Come meet your your girlfriend Kaneesha! Oh, I just have to touch those cheeks!"

WHAT?? It's flu season! No way! I'm not going to let her... but yup, there she goes, touching "his" cheeks.

"Hi Charlie! You are one good lookin' boy! You's just the sweetest..."

She paused.

"Wait, why he wearing flowers on his shirt?"

OH NO. The blanket had slid down, revealing a very not-boyish outfit.

"Oh, uh..."

It was like watching a train wreck. I didn't know how to stop it.

She pulled the blanket down farther, and looked up confused.


 "...Well, uh, so... I'm late!"

I almost ran into the Dr's office. Where I died of mortification.

But the worst part? On the way out...

"Oh hey, Charlie's mom! Hey, why he wearing flowers? Why he wearing flowers?"

And I ran away.


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Life in the Pitts

If the turnout to this party is good enough, we'll do it again- at least 4 times. Like I mentioned the other day, I have 4 EVEN MORE AWKWARD stories to share, but I don't want to do it alone. Ones more along the lines of this post I once wrote.

And if you do post, and you have a few minutes, please visit the person who posted before you. You'll probably want to, since who doesn't like an awkward story?

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