Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calm down. She would be a cute boy.

I usually stick a flower on Syndil's head. It's not so much that it looks cute (it does), but that it makes her look like a girl.


Definitely a girl.

But when I forget to put one on? She looks like a boy. I know, because people always come up and tell me how cute my little boy is (even if she's wearing pink). It's ok, I mean, she would be a cute boy. I really don't mind.

But they do.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! Of course she's a girl- look at those eyelashes! And those lips! I've never seen a more girly girl! Hi little girl!!!!!" All with a frantic look in their eye.

Calm down, people. I'm not offended.

I even get it. See?

 (This picture is a couple months old, but I think it illustrates the point)

She would be a cute boy.

But, to avoid the awkwardness, I usually just go with it.

"Cute boy!"

"Oh thanks!"

And we all move on with our lives.



Have you ever made that mistake? And how do you feel about giant flowers on a baby's head?


Be sure to comeback tomorrow, for a really awkward story. And a linky full of other awkward stories. I hope. You've got one too, right?

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