Monday, December 24, 2012

"She wants a Corvette"

We are out visiting my family for the holidays, and I was telling my dad about the disappointing Santa experience.

(if you are planning on robbing us, I hope you are into half finished craft projects and garage sale chairs)

My Dad had a great solution.

Chantel and her baby Sage carpooled with Syndil and I up to a very realistic Santa's North Pole, for a do over. The Santa was realistic, that is. Not so much the North Pole part, since it was in the middle of a shopping mall.

I knew this Santa would be awesome, because I had just spent 3 hours in a Verizon store (they were helping me with an update and then they fried my brand new phone. Which? Perfect timing. They ordered me a new one right then, and couldn't even suggest that it wasn't covered.). The sales guys felt really bad about the whole broken-phone thing, so when I asked where the best Santa was? They spent 15 minutes looking it up and showing me pictures of my options.

This one won.

(People kept asking if they were twins. Very fraternal twins.)

There we were, Chantel and I, driving with two almost-6-month-olds who hate their carseats.

We just pretended they were carolling at the top of their lungs, and those were tears of joy.

My Dad met us there, and this Santa experience was a million times better.

(That's my dad, not Santa)

The wait was short, the people were so friendly, they gave us a single print, and also a flash drive with all 9 pictures on it for $30.

And it felt like a good deal.

As I went to pick Syndil up from his lap, Santa leaned in and whispered "She said she wants a Corvette."

Then he winked.

I hope that wink means I'll find one in my driveway tomorrow. For Syndil, of course.

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