Monday, December 24, 2012

Disappointing Santa

We took Syndil to see Santa. It was really lame. We waited for over an hour, and then we were rushed right through. The girl asked me if I liked any of the pictures.

"No, not really. Can you take a few more?"

She gave me a look of disdain, and snapped one more picture without even looking.

I guess we were holding up the line.

I chose the best one, and while I was paying ($22 for a single picture)  I noticed that the older kids in line were taking a much longer time, talking to Santa and telling him what they want for Christmas. Which made me sad. And every time I looked at the picture, it made me frustrated.

Kurt offered to say something, and maybe ask to see a manager, but the line was really long, and I didn't want to make the other parents and kids stand in line forever while the mess was sorted out.

So we left.

"Mom, get me outta here!"

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