Friday, December 14, 2012

But then I added "And a Happy New Year!", so it's ok.

This year we decided to send out Christmas cards to people who knew us back when we were single/newly married. Since we didn't send out birth announcement photos for Syndil, this would kind of count. We want to send them to Kurt's old boss, and some friends we haven't seen in a while, and, of course, our Singles Ward Bishops.

We figure our old Singles Ward Bishop's will want to pat themselves on the back for getting the two of us reprobates married (this is the main goal of most Singles Ward Bishops, and they sometimes have competitions). Not only did we get married, but we are STILL married, and we are multiplying and replenishing the earth. Bonus points. So our picture had to include our faces, because they may not recognize us by name alone.

Good idea, yes?

...And then I procrastinated.

But thanks to my good friend Randee, who took our pictures and edited them in the same weekend, today I placed an order for our cards! And selected the free standard shipping, because we are poor. So they probably won't get here until Dec 24th.


But then I added "And a Happy New Year!", so it's ok.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

I don't have the best track record for Christmas cards. How about you? Do you like sending them? Or are they not worth the hassle?

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