Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas

That's our little Santa Baby :)

Merry Christmas you guys!

Monday, December 24, 2012

"She wants a Corvette"

We are out visiting my family for the holidays, and I was telling my dad about the disappointing Santa experience.

(if you are planning on robbing us, I hope you are into half finished craft projects and garage sale chairs)

My Dad had a great solution.

Chantel and her baby Sage carpooled with Syndil and I up to a very realistic Santa's North Pole, for a do over. The Santa was realistic, that is. Not so much the North Pole part, since it was in the middle of a shopping mall.

I knew this Santa would be awesome, because I had just spent 3 hours in a Verizon store (they were helping me with an update and then they fried my brand new phone. Which? Perfect timing. They ordered me a new one right then, and couldn't even suggest that it wasn't covered.). The sales guys felt really bad about the whole broken-phone thing, so when I asked where the best Santa was? They spent 15 minutes looking it up and showing me pictures of my options.

This one won.

(People kept asking if they were twins. Very fraternal twins.)

There we were, Chantel and I, driving with two almost-6-month-olds who hate their carseats.

We just pretended they were carolling at the top of their lungs, and those were tears of joy.

My Dad met us there, and this Santa experience was a million times better.

(That's my dad, not Santa)

The wait was short, the people were so friendly, they gave us a single print, and also a flash drive with all 9 pictures on it for $30.

And it felt like a good deal.

As I went to pick Syndil up from his lap, Santa leaned in and whispered "She said she wants a Corvette."

Then he winked.

I hope that wink means I'll find one in my driveway tomorrow. For Syndil, of course.

Disappointing Santa

We took Syndil to see Santa. It was really lame. We waited for over an hour, and then we were rushed right through. The girl asked me if I liked any of the pictures.

"No, not really. Can you take a few more?"

She gave me a look of disdain, and snapped one more picture without even looking.

I guess we were holding up the line.

I chose the best one, and while I was paying ($22 for a single picture)  I noticed that the older kids in line were taking a much longer time, talking to Santa and telling him what they want for Christmas. Which made me sad. And every time I looked at the picture, it made me frustrated.

Kurt offered to say something, and maybe ask to see a manager, but the line was really long, and I didn't want to make the other parents and kids stand in line forever while the mess was sorted out.

So we left.

"Mom, get me outta here!"

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not my delicious boogers!

Syndil has a cold. It's been a miserable week- mostly for me. During the night, she forgets that she can't breathe out of her nose, closes her mouth, and then freaks out and starts screaming when her nose doesn't work. I haven't been getting much sleep.

And during the day, I have 2 choices. Either I leave the thick river of snot to flow down her face and get on everything, or I wipe it. And if I wipe it? She screams at me.

Why do baby's hate this so much? I'm using a wet wipe, so it isn't getting sore.

I think it has to do with the salty taste. Maybe she is screaming "Noooo!!!! Not my delicious boogers! That's my afternoon snack!!!"

I've tried the bulb suckers, and they suck. Or, rather, they don't suck, and are terrible. Then I ordered a Nose Frida. That was exciting. It got great reviews, and I have friends who swear by it.

I stared at this thing for about 20 minutes before I tried it. It's basically a long tube that you stick in their nose, and then you suck on the other end. I was a little disconcerted. What if I sucked too hard, and it got in my mouth?

(it's a pretty long tube. Like 18 inches or something).

But I shouldn't have worried. She won't let me near her with it. After 3 tries, where I got it working, but nothing came out of her nose, she realized how much she hated it and now she starts screaming and thrashing everytime she sees it.

"Noooo! Not the booger-stealer! These boogers are miiiiine!!!!!"

I've tried swaddling her, pinning her down with my legs, holding her face still with 1 hand while she thrashed and screams- and it felt like something CPS would disapprove of. If you guys have any tips, please let me know.

Until then, if you see me, look for the booger tracks all over my shirt/face/hair. I'm rocking this mommy look.

Friday, December 14, 2012

But then I added "And a Happy New Year!", so it's ok.

This year we decided to send out Christmas cards to people who knew us back when we were single/newly married. Since we didn't send out birth announcement photos for Syndil, this would kind of count. We want to send them to Kurt's old boss, and some friends we haven't seen in a while, and, of course, our Singles Ward Bishops.

We figure our old Singles Ward Bishop's will want to pat themselves on the back for getting the two of us reprobates married (this is the main goal of most Singles Ward Bishops, and they sometimes have competitions). Not only did we get married, but we are STILL married, and we are multiplying and replenishing the earth. Bonus points. So our picture had to include our faces, because they may not recognize us by name alone.

Good idea, yes?

...And then I procrastinated.

But thanks to my good friend Randee, who took our pictures and edited them in the same weekend, today I placed an order for our cards! And selected the free standard shipping, because we are poor. So they probably won't get here until Dec 24th.


But then I added "And a Happy New Year!", so it's ok.

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.

I don't have the best track record for Christmas cards. How about you? Do you like sending them? Or are they not worth the hassle?

Friday, December 7, 2012

He never had sisters.

"Did you know that you are supposed to leave conditioner in for two minutes before rinsing??"

I looked up, surprised at the accusation in his voice.

"I did know. And I was keeping it from you. I'm sorry."

He rolled his eyes, and walked away.

After 30 years of using conditioner every day, this just blew his mind. Either his showers are a lot more exciting than mine are (and he never has time to read the bottles), or this is what happens when you never have sisters.

His showers are now 2 minutes longer.

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Weave

I was unpacking Christmas decorations tonight, and things were getting a little bit...weird.

I'm pretty sure at the end of the Season last year (some time around February), I was doing a take-the-Christmas-decorations-down-and-clean-up-random-crap mixed event. And a lot of that random crap wound up wrapped around my garland and lights. It might have been on purpose (extra padding for the breakable stuff?), or just my version of leaving your cell phone in the fridge. I have no memory of it happening.

Whatever the reason, I keep finding little unexpected gifts from last years pregnant version of me.

Items found shoved inside my Christmas boxes (so far):

A single orange curtain.
An unsigned thank you card.
A pair of brown Old Navy flip flops.
Three blue sponges (these appear to be unused).
Fuzzy socks.
An empty snack size Frito's bag. (This one worries me- the last time I ate a Frito was back in 2003).

My weave.

When I reached into the box, at first I thought it was a rat. After screaming and jumping in a circle for a while, I realized that nothing inside was moving, and I hadn't been bit. So either it was a dead rat (and I'm dying of the plague), or I had just found my SPAC braid. YES. 

I ran into the bathroom, and emerged 3 minutes later looking about a million times more Pittsburgh-chic.


Syndil was pretty excited about it.

Kurt...was not.

"This is happening." I announced.

He looked up in surprise, and his eyes widened in horror.

"I....can't even look at you right now."

And he walked away.

Probably because we have guests coming over, and he wanted to jump me. It is that attractive.

I smiled, and tried to run my fingers through the strands, but they got stuck. I haven't actually brushed it in 5 years. (which just adds to the Pittsburgh flavor, amiright?)

Where did it come from? Back when I was a folk dancer at BYU, my touring team had to braid these into our hair every day. And they were pretty gross back then. Also, heavy. 

I may just make this a regular part of my wardrobe. 

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