Friday, November 9, 2012

My little witch

Sorry guys, I know. It's been a while.

But, here are some pictures from the last few weeks. You know you can't resist a cute baby.

I had 5 Halloween outfits (onesies, etc.), and 2 Halloween costumes for Syndil. We are very festive.

Mommy's little pumpkin.

Here she is giving me the stink eye:

And Here is Halloween costume #1: Mommy's little witch.

My friend Sarah has a tradition that I absolutely love. Every year the girls in the family dress up as witches, and celebrate. They take pictures of their little coven, and I get excited every time they post them on Facebook. I want to do that with my 6 daughters someday. But for now, I'll start with this one.

Kurt's school has a kids costume parade every year, and Syndil was a hit. She lasted about 5 minutes.

"Uh oh, just wait. When she is 16, she is going to want to wear this outfit again."

Yeah. We are in for it.

In case you rare curious, I put the witch costume together myself. The tights and skirt are 1 piece, and I got this on clearance around Christmastime last year, from Children's Place. The top is a crochet top from this online vendor, and I threaded it with green ribbon. The hat I bought at Michaels, for $2.99, and I hot glued onto a little headband. The whole thing cost about $6.50, and I felt so accomplished. Almost like a real mommy. Right Pinterest?

And here is costume #2. This ladybug costume I actually bought last year, before i was even pregnant. And it happened to fit perfectly. I think fate had a hand in this.

It fits really well because we her nickname is Bug (she's my little snugglebug). I'm pretty sure she thinks that's her name. Oops.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, our Halloween was pushed back a few days. Syndil didn't seem to mind.

She sat outside and handed out candy. With help. She can't quite sit by herself yet, and that candy would be in her mouth if she had any say in the matter.

After a whole month of dressing up in festive clothes, we went back to regular ones, only to find that she had outgrown a lot of them. Oops.

Upside? I get to go shopping.

"Halloween is over??"


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