Monday, September 17, 2012


I realized that i only have 2 pictures of me and Syndil. It's partly because I'm the one behind the camera; but it's mostly because i don't feel very pretty anymore.

This makes me sad. And I bet it will make her sad too, someday.

So I made a goal: 1 photo of me and my baby every day this week.

Here is my first one:

And I'm challenging you all to do the same with your kids, whether they are babies, teenagers, or of the furry/feathery variety!

Then post them on your blog, or instagram, or just keep them for your posterity! We can call it the BabyMama Picture Challenge, or #BabyMama on instagram.

To see my pictures, follow me on instagram. I'm @lanieree.

Who's with me?

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