Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pregnancy is magical. And miserable.

I wrote this blog post back in November, long before I was telling anyone about the baby.

Even our families didn't hear until Christmas.

You guys, I had really bad morning sickness. We're talking  7-9 times per day.

I was so miserable. One time I threw up 3 times during the first hour of church. And then I went outside and puked in the bushes twice during the second hour (I didn't want any of my friends to walk in and see me kneeling by the toilet). Then I puked again on the way home.

That was my life.

Thank goodness that only lasted for a few months.

Anyway, here is a post that I wrote while in the middle of it all:

I was sitting on a pallet, in the back of wal mart- you know, by the milk and yogurt? I had my hands clasped to my mouth, trying desperately not the throw up on the floor.

Most people walked by without looking. Blessed self-absorption. I could have kissed them.

Or maybe just puked on their shoes.

One lady stopped and bent down, peering anxiously into my horrified eyes. "What's wrong honey?"

I quickly gasped "Morning sickness! I'm trying not to-"

And then I started heaving.

 I clasped my hands back to my face, desperately fighting it.

 "Oh, I remember those days." She smiled fondly. "You need some crackers."

I nodded, and she walked away.

 I'm never leaving the house without a barf bag again.


mypixieblog said...

I have a friend currently experiencing something similar... thank god it doesn't last tgrough the entire pregnancy, right?

Thank god for the kindness of some strangers and the self-absorption of others.

Chantel said...

Oh sad. I'm glad you didn't get sick in the store!

daniellaprice30 said...

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