Thursday, June 7, 2012

Belly buddies! A few more pictures with my sister.

Yesterday's post (with pictures of our sister's maternity shoot) went over better than I thought it would.

I had thought you guys might be tired of all my pregnancy updates.

I would have started posting months ago, but things got a little...tense between me and a semi-distant family member who reads my blog.

I didn't want this person to have access to my pregnancy.

But recently, I decided "Who cares?"

And now I have 9 months of pregnancy posts to catch up on!

I'll try to sprinkle in a few of my signature stick figure posts, as well as some of my reminiscing, and my venting, and all those other kinds that I love to write.

But mostly? I'm pregnant. It's my world.

Ok, explanations aside, here are the pictures you guys asked for:

(or, in the case of @mommastemme, demanded.) 

Maternity Pictures, Part 2 

Another pretend yoga shot. I really like this one. The colors, the angle. The outtie belly button on Chantel :)

Here is another good one of me. 

You can kind of see my swollen face- but I still really like it. Probably because you can see my freckles.

This is a great one of Chantel, half-laughing

And this next one is all about the eyes

Here we are standing. You can see how differently we are carrying!
(Notice those hot and sexy maternity jeans I'm rocking! Ow! Ow!)

Belly bump!

Here are two more of Chantel reading her little girl a book.

(I'm still so jealous of these!)

That Peter Rabbit sure is scandalous!

Then we went to the park.

Amber, our sister, was there for moral support

(but we dragged her into a few photos)

Now this is sexy.

I hope you are all taking notes.

I love this one of us 3 girls.

(Funny thing- the three of us? Not one single matching feature. Eyes, nose, chin, lips, teeth, cheeks, eyebrows, face shape- we've compared them all, and they are all completely different. 
But people always say we look alike.)

Then we took the babies for a ride

You see what I have to put up with?

At least she is cute.

(sidenote- our earrings? Were made by Chantel that morning. Love them.)

Then she went into labor

Kidding! I would not be smiling if that was real.

We just thought we should get some practice time in.

These ones aren't awesome of me, but I'm loving Chantel in them.

Normally if I don't love a picture, I untag myself on facebook, and deny it's existance.

I hope you appreciate this, Chantel!

I do love these shirts, though

I'm all about lace.

Love timbertown parks. 

I am looking excited to take my little girl here to play when we visit her Grandpa :)

And that's it!

Actually, Bryn took over 730 photos- but these are my favorites. 

Can you tell we laughed throughout the whole photo shoot?  It was so much fun.

Which ones do you guys like best?

And do you have any maternity photos on your blog? I'd love to see them! Leave a link in your comment.

(also, newborn pictures- I'll need ideas for those pretty soon!)

If you have a second, take a look at my post about Peggy, and the fundraiser to help her fight cancer. It took a lot of tears to write, and anything- even just some kind thoughts or words- would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

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mypixieblog said...

Omg, you girls all look so adorable!! Live these photos... the last one of you and your sis is my favorite!

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