Thursday, March 8, 2012


"Hey, sorry I'm late. The school is on lockdown, because there was a shooting next door. I think they are still looking for a second shooter."

"Seriously? Kurt, be safe, ok?"

And 2 weeks ago, there was a bomb threat on campus.

Does this remind anyone else of highschool?


the girl said...

Alright this might a dumb question, but how do you post your blog post to twitter?

Helena said...

It's a feedburner option.

Marilyn Dickey said...

Hah!! Only our high school... My first week at HHS there was a bomb threat and we were forbidden to take our backpacks into class, even AFTER the threat was gone. It was extremely inconvenient, not so much scary. Then again, maybe my proximity to Detroit left me a little desensitized. :)

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