Friday, February 10, 2012

You have a weird Kidney. But wow, your Pancreas is beautiful!

Remember that creepy kidney? The one is my abdomen? It's fully functional! And not in my pelvis!

I never thought it was, but in an effort to reassure me, the renal ultrasound technician started telling me about all the weird kidneys she has seen over the years.

And a lot of them are in people's pelvises.

I feel like things would get a little cramped down there...

Also? She said this:

"You have a weird Kidney. But wow, your Pancreas is beautiful!"

I wasn't sure how to feel. Flattered? Worried? Both?

I took it as a compliment.

Now, I just need to find some pancreas-flattering clothes. Because if you've got it, flaunt it. Right?


Alexandra said...

A beautiful pancreas? Do you know how many diabetics are jealous? Yay for you...

How are you?????

Alexandria Rammell said...

We're is ur pancreas? I should know this. I'm assuming around we're ur kidney is suppose to be! I usually want to wear clothes to flatter my breasts! But maybe u will start a new trend and it will be all about the pancreas. I can see it now..... Man that girl has some junk in her stomach...that's hot.

Unknown said...

(giggle) That's right baby - you got it, you flaunt it!

middle child said...

Did you get the ultrasound picture of you lovely pancreas? You could get that put on the front of a T-shirt or something.

Unknown said...

I never saw your crazy kidney post!! But I just read it. And I had a very similar experience once. I was getting an ultrasound for stomach issues, and the tech got a very concerned look on her face and said "oh." I said, "what???" She wouldn't tell me!!! She said the doctor would have to tell me the results in a week. I FREAKED. I thought for a week that I was dying.

Turns out I am missing MY right kidney! I was either born without it or it is too small to pick up on an ultrasound. Crazy, huh? My left kidney is 90% larger than a regular kidney to make up for it. Apparently 1 in 750 people are born without one of their kidneys but a lot of them will never know it.

The stomach problems were stress, BTW. :D

Congratulations on your sexy pancreas!! Too bad you can't hire it out for modeling jobs. Think of the money.

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