Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I just peed my pants.

Hi guys. I just peed my pants. At work.

And the best part?

(I know, how could it get better than that??)

I didn't even feel it happen!

I've heard that this happens to women sometimes AFTER they give birth. Or maybe to a pregnant girl if she has a violent sneeze. But I'm only half way through! This is a bad, bad sign.

I had a doctors appointment right afterwards, and she assured me that it's normal. My baby is just really low, and chilling on my bladder. Little butthead.

You guys, I didn't even know I had to pee! Which kind of freaks me out. How can I stop something I don't know is coming?

Pregnancy is so sexy.

So if you have any hot leads on adult diaper coupons, I'm in the market...


Alexandria Rammell said...

helena..if you wear an adult diaper. and someone cut you off and you get out of the car with the big diaper "sag" and yell A-hole. I will love you for longer then forever! haha. I peed when I was pregnant with parker. I was wearing jeans, they were wet, it was noticeable. Tyler almost divorced me....then is happened after I had Parker as well but he didnt care because once he saw me give birth...your wife peeing her pants is a little more sexy then birth.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

I did not even know you were pregnant! Congratulations!
Just wear a maxi-pad to catch those little slips.

Sara Strand said...

I agree with Jean- never go anywhere without without a maxi pad. And 5 extra (at least) in your purse. Trust.

middle child said...

Well. Good luck! It seems this baby will be a prankster. I mean, if this child can make you pee without warning.....just wait!

Unknown said...

Yeah...when I was pregnant with Lily, I was at work and I sneezed and pee was running down my leg before I knew what hit me...and I was soaked. It's a good thing there were new scrubs I could change into pretty easily. And when I was pregnant with Sadie, I was playing at the park with Lily and all of a sudden I had to pee SOO BAD! There were no bathrooms in sight. So the only thing to do was to get in the car and go home. I thought I was going to die trying to walk back to the car. Well Lily is a toddler and decided to take off running away from me. I chased after her and the urge to pee intensified 10x and I squeezed to keep from peeing my pants but nothing worked. By the time I had Lily in my arms and we were back to the car, I had completely soaked my pants....totally wet bum. Thank goodness no one drove by. What an embarassment I am! So basically Im here to tell you that it might get worse, so good luck!

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