Saturday, January 14, 2012

A classy moment at the gym.

Kurt and I made very original resolutions this year. Involving getting in shape. And the gym.

We flock to Planet Fitness a few days per week, where Kurt starts grunting and sweating like a madman, while I half-heartedly try out all the fun machines. And I love it.

This week has been a little more rough, because I have what I fondly call "THE COLD OF DEATH."

It's the kind of head cold where you call your boss to see if they need you to come in for your on-call shift at the baby clothes store, and she says "NO. You sound awful. Don't you dare come near this store with those germs."

In between 18-hour bouts of sleep, I headed out the door with Kurt, because raising your temperature on a treadmill can actually help kill off some of those germs.

Plus I needed a reason to shower. It had been a while.

That's where we were tonight.

I climbed off my treadmill and walked towards the cleaning station. I just wanted to wipe down my machine. Then I felt it- my stuffy nose was about to leak.

I was reaching down to grab my tissue when a big, fat drip of snot splashed onto the floor.

I stared at it for a second in surprise. Then I looked up- into the grossed-out faces in the line of treadmills behind me.

Did they see that it was snot? Or did they think I was drooling? Either way, they were not amused.

Thank goodness half of them won't be here past February.

And Planet Fitness? Just got a little bit classier.


Theresa said...

Hi Helena! I loved your gym story! We've all been there in one aspect or another, but you make it fun. Classy indeed!

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

You are so dang funny.
But you know this fact.

middle child said...

Well that sounds about right for a place called "planet" fitness. Hey, at least you are committed.

Unknown said...

I wish I could have been there! I would have laughed so hard. :) I hope the cold of death is getting better -please don't send it to Indiana! :)


viewfromdownhere said...

ha, that's too funny! But i wouldn't worry about husband's a runner, and real runners (when they are running outside) do gross things like blow snot out of their noses to the side, constantly name it. Just act like you're a hardcore runner next time :-)

Unknown said...

So funny. But I can't believe you exercise when you have a cold. Any excuse to get out of it for me...

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