Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How To End Christmas Gift Drama Before It Starts.

Hey guys, I am very excited. I interviewed one of my favorite people (my brother in law, Dave), about one of my favorite holiday products. Which happens to be free.

This might just change your life.

Hey Dave, sorry this took so long to set up. Also, sorry my questions are so boring. Feel free to spice them up if you want!

Hmmm... spice them up. Should I sprinkle in suggestive pictures of myself after each question?

YES. Wait, no. My inlaws might read this.  

What is the Wishlist Factory?

WishlistFactory is a free website that lets you share wishlists with groups of people, such as your family, your in-laws, close friends, etc. It's great for any holiday or celebration and it makes keeping track of what gifts everyone wants easy. This can be especially helpful during Christmas, when it's hard to keep track of who wants what, and who has already bought a certain gift for someone so you don't end up buying the same thing (duplicate gifts are usually a bad thing, unless it's money). WishlistFactory keeps track of all that stuff for you.  

Why did you create it?

I originally made the website for my wife, who is very very into Christmas. You could even say it's an obsession, but you didn't hear it from me. She loved buying gifts for everyone, but this usually involved calling everyone to find out what they wanted, which resulted in answers like "Uhh... I don't know... a snuggie?". Even worse, she'd find out later that someone else already bought that person a snuggie! This made my wife unhappy, and when my wife is unhappy, guess who has to be unhappy? Me. Really I made the website for myself, but that sounds selfish, so the official answer is "to make the holidays a little easier on my wife".  

What are your favorite features?

There's a lot of features that make sharing gifts with others easier, but I particularly like being able to claim gifts, so other people know to think twice about putting their grubby mitts on a gift I'm giving someone. You can also print out shopping lists for people, so you can remember what someone wants when you go to the store. I also like being able to sort gifts by price when I'm feeling cheap. That's nice too.

Of course WishlistFactory has all those other necessary features, such as uploading pictures of gifts from your computer or the web. You can also include a link with a gift so you people know exactly where to buy it online. But these features really aren't worth mentioning.  

What is Surprise Protection?

Let's say you want someone to get some lingerie for your grandma, a spunky gal. You can add the lingerie to her wishlist and she won't be able to see that you added it. Your Grandpa checks her wishlist and excitedly buys the slinky surprise and marks it as Purchased on her wishlist. Now everyone know what she's getting, and your grandma's none the wiser. That's surprise protection.  

How about the Desire Meter?

The Desire Meter is a fun little slider bar that lets you tell everyone in your groups how badly you want a certain gift. For instance, my 16-year-old brother-in-law has 60 gifts on his wishlist. Normally, I wouldn't know what to get him, but luckily he set the desire meter to 10 out of 10 on some gifts, so I know which gifts will be a hit. Now if I can only think of a way to come up with three hundred bucks for a leather trenchcoat...

Adding a Gift

What if I find something not on Kurt's list? How do I make sure no one else buys the same thing?

You can add gifts to other people's wishlists, and they'll never be able to see the gift, even though they can add gifts to their own wishlists. Then, you can set the gift's status at any time. You have several choices from Purchased(I bought the gift), Claimed(I'm going to get the gift, don't even think about it!), Too Expensive(I'm a cheapskate), and much more. Other group members can see these statuses so they know what's up.

Some gifts, of course, shouldn't be shared, Helena. For instance, that prescription strength deodorant you were planning on getting Kurt would fall under this category. I wouldn't worry about anyone else getting that for him, except for those who hang out with you, naturally.  

What if I have multiple groups using it- my family, and Kurt's family? How does that work?

You can belong to multiple groups, so you can have one for your family, and one for your in-laws. Anyone in a group you belong to is allowed to look at your wishlists. I'm thinking about adding more options, such as Secret Wishlists that only people of your choosing can access, but I haven't implemented that yet. Once I do, I think people will feel a little more comfortable showing off gifts that they might not want their in-laws to see. You know what I'm talking about.

Yeah. I think we all do.

Thanks Dave, for sharing your masterpiece! Which you can all check out at

Happy Thanksgiving you guys! I hope this makes your holidays a little bit easier.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I just stood there.

What would you do if a little old man came up to you, and said;

"you shouldn't eat so much. You'd look better."

Because I just stood there in shock.

And then I wanted to cry.

It's been a rough week, you guys. And it's only Tuesday.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I need him to hate me. Any ideas?

"Why not?"

I stared at Kurt, confused.

"Because. It's dangerous."

"It was dangerous last time. But that didn't stop us. We climbed all the way out to the edge. Remember?"

"We were stupider then."

"We did not die."

"Look, I said no."

"Fine. You can watch. And I will have the adventure."

I turned to hop out onto the rock, but he quickly snatched my arm.

"I said no. You can't do it."

"I did it before."

"But I love you more now."

I raised my eyebrow.

"That's how marriage works. I love you more now than I did a year ago. So I can't let you risk your life."

I raised both eyebrows.

"By the time you're 50 years old, I won't let you leave the house."

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he joking, or he was serious? Or maybe something in between? In the end, it didn't matter. He pulled me up onto the overlook, and that's as close as I got to the waterfall.

So now I need your help.

How can I make him hate me just a little bit more?

No really, guys. I need ideas. Maybe something along the lines of stop showering. Completely. And then drenching myself in Paris Hilton's perfume to cover up the smell.

Only, you know, less gross.

Monday, November 7, 2011

My newest, most delicious obsession

This week on "Thing I Can't Believe I Lived Without"

Franks Hot Sauce.

I want to bathe in this stuff.

Just grab a cup full, add some mozzarella, a little cream cheese, some ranch dressing, and Viola!

Perfect dipping sauce. Great for chicken, chips, bread, strawberries...

Well, maybe not strawberries.

But I was serious about the bathing.

What are you craving?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

...I haven't washed my jeans in a while.

"I don't think jeans get dirty. They just get more and more comfortable, and then they get smelly. But by then, you are tripping over them anyway, so you are kind of looking forward to washing them and sticking them in the dryer, so they will shrink. The next few days are a little muffin-top and wedgie-inducing, but then they loosen up, and it will be a good 3 months before they see the inside of the hamper again. You know?"

Kurt stared at me in silent horror.

He is so weird sometimes.

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