Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loose Ends...

Remember how I lost my job, and then I never blogged about it again? Until yesterday, that is. Well, that made me think- there are probably a lot of loose ends lying about.

So I went hunting for frayed strings...

I can hear again! I was using ear-cleaning fluid, and standing on my head, and suddenly there was aloud POP! And everything went back to normal. The moral of this story? Yoga. Yoga is the answer to everything.

We went with Verizon (and completely love it). The people are much nicer, the price is much nicer, and the internet service is much, well, nicer. Less choppy. More reliable. Just...nicer.

Chantel was lying. This will ALWAYS be shady.

Kurt broke his word, and passed his boards. Man, have I got a few posts about that up my sleeve... (oh no, not another cliff-hanging loose-end.)

We got new couches (but kept the foam). Would you like to see pictures?

We never found out whose pee it was. But we also never had another break-in. I call that a draw.

I'm still not pregnant. But you are all still asking. STOP THAT.

This...was a failure.

I forgot I was learning this.

This is still the coolest thing you could do for your holiday shopping.

And finally, that creepy lady is still out there. Every day. For the past 2 years. Talk about a dedicated teacher (snort). Unless what she is teaching is math... $400 = 2 ounces + very bloodshot eyes.

There are probably a few I missed. So if you've been wondering about something that I just left hanging, let me know.

You know, it feels kind of nice to have things all tied up.


Have you ever written about something, and then completely forgotten to follow up?


1 comment:

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

oh yes. A couple years ago I did a post about how we got a new toilet to replace the leaking one & the old toilet was set on our porch until DH could take it to the dump & after some time went by I started a poll & contest about how long it would remain on the porch.

DH hauled it away at some point after that & I never mentioned it or said who won the poll.

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