Monday, August 29, 2011

Faux Hawk

One night, I convinced Kurt to let me play with his hair.

He keeps it so short. Which looks good, but I had this sneaking suspicion...

...and I was right. He can rock a faux hawk.

Too bad he won't ever do it in real life.


What do you think?

Also, is there an aspect of your man's appearance you wish he would let you tweak a little? His hair, his clothes, his scruff...?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Day The Romance Died.

"You know when you have to poop so bad, your whole body feels cold and shivery?"

I turned and stared, a horrified denial stuck in my throat.

"No? Well, that's why I'm shivering. As soon as we get there, I need to find a bathroom. Or things are going to get explosive."

And that last spark of magic withered and died.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And THAT is why you need 6 weeks (or months?) to recover.

I was tidying up the t-shirt tables at work today when a young mother walked in with a double stroller. In this stroller were two little kids. They were the exact same size.

"Hi there! How old are you guys?"

The cute little boy and his sister both held up three fingers. I smiled at them, and then asked their mother, "Are they twins?"

She sighed heavily.

"No. But they are both 3. They're only 10 months apart."

Ten months. TEN! That means she got pregnant a month after giving birth.

I guess my horror must have shown on my face.

"Yeah." She said in a hopeless voice. "It was not planned."

You guys, what would you do? Besides murder your husband in his sleep, of course.

They didn't even look Irish...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeschooled kids are SO WEIRD.

When most people think about homeschooling, they think about this:

(or click here)

Am I right?

(although, with some of the stories I've shared on here, it might not be that far off target...)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loose Ends...

Remember how I lost my job, and then I never blogged about it again? Until yesterday, that is. Well, that made me think- there are probably a lot of loose ends lying about.

So I went hunting for frayed strings...

I can hear again! I was using ear-cleaning fluid, and standing on my head, and suddenly there was aloud POP! And everything went back to normal. The moral of this story? Yoga. Yoga is the answer to everything.

We went with Verizon (and completely love it). The people are much nicer, the price is much nicer, and the internet service is much, well, nicer. Less choppy. More reliable. Just...nicer.

Chantel was lying. This will ALWAYS be shady.

Kurt broke his word, and passed his boards. Man, have I got a few posts about that up my sleeve... (oh no, not another cliff-hanging loose-end.)

We got new couches (but kept the foam). Would you like to see pictures?

We never found out whose pee it was. But we also never had another break-in. I call that a draw.

I'm still not pregnant. But you are all still asking. STOP THAT.

This...was a failure.

I forgot I was learning this.

This is still the coolest thing you could do for your holiday shopping.

And finally, that creepy lady is still out there. Every day. For the past 2 years. Talk about a dedicated teacher (snort). Unless what she is teaching is math... $400 = 2 ounces + very bloodshot eyes.

There are probably a few I missed. So if you've been wondering about something that I just left hanging, let me know.

You know, it feels kind of nice to have things all tied up.


Have you ever written about something, and then completely forgotten to follow up?


Monday, August 15, 2011

MY NEW (completely awesome) JOB!!

I got a job!!

So, you remember back when I was laid off right before Christmas? And how they wanted to hire me back? And how they never got the funds, and so I've been not-working, and mostly just sleeping since January??

Yeah. Kurt noticed that too.

"So, you're still spending money. Maybe you should make some."

I politely ignored his little remark, and went back to my leisurely shopping ways.

But then, on one fateful afternoon, I was walking by a Carter's baby clothes store...


No wait, it gets better.



Jump back!

I feel weird saying this, but it's kind of my dream job.

I love the merchandise (and I love my discount.)

I love my customers (who isn't happy about baby clothes??)

And I love my boss/coworkers

(that's probably the most important one. It can make or break a job.)

I even love the cash register! (I was gushing about it for days. No really, it was super exciting. It's a touch-screen, and it's so easy, and in past retail jobs that has been my worst nightmare.)

Every time I work, I come home happy. Actually, I don't even want to come home- it is that much fun.

And that secret stash of baby clothes that I've been collecting for the past few years? Is not so little anymore. In 14 years, I might even have enough to cloth a baby...


Friday, August 12, 2011

The deadline has been set, KURT.

As I left for the airport on Monday, my sweet, little grandma pulled me close, and whispered in my ear:

"Next time you come, you should bring a baby with you."

Then she stared me down. My eyes widened in surprise.

"...Um, someday Grandma. But not yet."

"Well, just don't wait until you are 40. I've been thinking about it, and 40 is just too old for you to start having babies."

Well, I can't argue that one.

"Ok. Before I'm 40. I promise."

So that's it, Kurt. Your deadline is set. 14 years from now, we are having a baby.



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