Friday, May 20, 2011

Shutterfly and springtime.

---All links have been removed because Shutterfly won't leave me alone! Seriously, I wrote this post in 2011. I am not going to change them whenever you want me to link to something new. This blog post in in the past, people. So if you bloggers out there are thinking of doing a post for them in the future, be warned- apparently there are a LOT of strings attached, even years later...---


I know, summer is almost here. But before it hits, I want to take a minute and think about spring. It's the most exciting season (for me) because if winter lasted another month, I would never make it without turning into a homicidal maniac.

No, really. I get crazy.

And while I dream about summer, the reality is kind of hot and sweaty.

So Springtime. Is awesome.

Now, you might be wondering why I am talking so much about a season that is almost over. Well, I am participating in Shutterfly's Spring Announcements Promo. True to form, I am waiting until the almost-last-day to do it (the deadline is Sunday).

I'm using mine for Baby Shower Invites (if they get here in time). No, not for me. For the shower I am hosting. I'm not pregnant.

And if it's too late this time, keep an eye out. They do this every few months. I participated in their Christmas promo, and got 50 awesome Christmas cards.

Unfortunately, due to an unexpected job loss, I ran out of money, and couldn't send them out.

Lame, huh?

I probably should have told you guys back then, but that's kind of when I went on my also-unexpected blogging hiatus.

But I was really impressed with the quality of those cards. I still pull them out sometimes, and admire the cardstock.

Here, I'll show you what they looked like:

(click to enlarge)

It's referencing this traumatic blog post. And it would have been fantastic.

The moral of the story? Don't get laid off. Also, Blog for Shutterfly. They are awesome.



Alexandria Rammell said...

if you really printed 50 of those I WANT ONE! I couldnt imagine sending my friends and family picture of my cleavage. but you did! or attempted to... I L-O-V-E- Y-O_U

Chantel said...

Just use whiteout on the 2010, and change it to 2011. It would look great, and you can send them out this year! They looked awesome btw

beka said...

you guys are cute:)
bwahahahah! i love the bug and quote. sorry. it's uber gross and creepy and disgusting, but i love how you included it in the picture;)

Sara Strand said...

Except it would be kind of hilarious and awesome to send those out this Xmas... with the wrong date. LOL!!

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