Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm so sorry if doing your job is inconvenient to your social life.

Ugh. I have one word to describe my frustration: Comcast.

I know, I know- who doesn't have issues with this internet provider?

But hear me out. It's not because of their sketchy internet (although that was one of the main reasons we cancelled last year).

It's because of their rude customer service agents.

After months of sharing the internet with our extremely friendly neighbors (a fantastic deal, as we split the cost), we have decided to try again. This is partly because when our neighbors go on vacation, and the internet goes out, we have no way of pushing the reset button.

(On a completely unrelated note, my apartment complex frowns on breaking and entering.)

So that was my assignment this week. Find our own internet.

I started with Comcast. I looked up their prices, and then compared them to Verizon.

Hmm. Verizon is looking a bit cheaper.

Still, Comcast is familiar. And I have to start somewhere.

So this morning, I got on my cell phone and gave them a call. The guy who answered the phone set me at ease immediately. He was friendly, and helpful, and on the other side of the country.

Shoot. They routed me to the Utah office, because that's where my cell number is from.

We laughed about the mix up, and then he kindly transferred me to the Pittsburgh office.

Where I was treated like crap.

"Hi! I am looking into getting the internet set up at my home. And I was hoping you could tell me about the prices."

"Um, ok. Are you calling to have the internet installed?"

Those words sound so innocent here, but believe me, they were not. He was talking down at me like I was stupid. It was a total "you're wasting my time" kind of voice.

The rest of the call went pretty much like that. Him sighing loudly, being almost-sarcastic, and generally treating me like I was a waste of oxygen.

WHAT THE HELL, COMCAST? I am the customer. I'm sorry if doing your job is inconvenient to your social life. I get that you are being asked to do such terrible things like sitting on your butt, answering the phone, and typing on a keyboard.

But do you have to take it out on me?

I am so tired of bitchy sales clerks, and customer service people who act like I'm ruining their life by asking them to do their job. You don't feel like opening a dressing room, looking up a price, or answering the phone? TOUGH SHIT.

Maybe it's my fault for not saying something. Maybe I smile too much, or back down too easily. Maybe I have a sign on my back saying "kick this one, she won't hit back."

And maybe I just need to lose my temper, and start talking to them like they talk to me. If it all escalates, and I get a reputation at the local police station, well, what can I say? At least I stood up for myself.

...but I probably won't. Instead, I will grit my teeth, and keep the peace, and then spend the rest of the day running different scenarios through my mind, and muttering under my breath like a crazy person.

So in conclusion, I will be calling Verizon tomorrow. And if they are nice to me, I will sign up in a heartbeat.

So how about you? Do you have any Comcast stories? Or stories about rude sales people in general? Because I would Love to hear them.



Corinne said...

yikes how awful! When we first moved to Pittsburgh we shopped around and found that going with Verizon Fios was the best deal (we did the bundle with cable and internet). So far, we've been happy with it - and their service has been as decent as I can expect. I remember calling Comcast though to check out their prices initially and they were rude to me, too! Made it THAT much easier to go with the other guy ;)

Creatively Missy said...

Our Comcast people are IDIOTS. From the customer service chick who takes the check down to the "technicians". For five years we had spotty internet and they kept insisting it was from the people that built the house TEN years earlier. They were sure it was a nail in the wiring in the attic and wanted to put in all new wiring. The idiots FINALLY managed to realize that the cable box outside wasn't on properly (like we had been telling them.) Frickin idiots.

My last job had Comcast internet. We moved to a different building and closed the account to the old building. OR so we thought. No matter how many people we talked to, they couldn't wrap it around their pinhead brains that we closed the one account down and opened another. So we kept being charged for TWO accounts.

I think monkeys could do a better job than these people!

Unfortunately, Comcast is the only option 'round these parts.

DIY Davis Style said...

I called 411 once to...yep you guessed it FIND A PHONE NUMBER. And when the very...not pleasant person answered the phone and asked for my city and state I replied in a chipper voice and they put me through to an even more unpleasant person. I asked for some random restaurant and I didn't know the street off the top of my head (sue me) and I asked her to read them off to me which she did.....all in one word sharron-kings-3rd etc. (There were like 8 of them around Charlotte) and I asked her to repeat them...she the exact same mannor (at this time I was getting frustrated) and I said..."right that's what you said the first time but I can't understand you" so she started talking to me like an infant saying each word syllable for syllable...which if you know me...I couldn't hate anything more with ever fiber of my being (id Shar-ron.....Kuh-ings....thhhhh-iirrrddd) and I admit it...I snapped a little...and by a little I mean a lot.

I told her I was not a child and did not need to be spoken to like one, if she had been speaking in a normal tone not in a hurry to get back to her iChat session that she probably shouldn't be on, then I would have understood the FIRST time she told me the different locations and that OBviously she was not compitant enough to locate a business--that I could have done were I in front of any computer that had GOOGLE then she OBviously needed to transfer me to someone more QUALIFIED to answer my questions :)

so she apologized and I got my number and a feeling of accomplishment :). I am not normally an angry person but she just pushed and pushed...and I just snapped :)

You obviously have will power that I do not!

Alexandria Rammell said...

hahahaha this happens ALL the time. I feel ya. Most of my experience has been in the medical field though. My favorite...what symptoms do you have? So I list them...and the reply "are you sure". Of I got to the dr office and they tell me it sounds like a have a cold....REALLY! I pay you to tell me stuff I already know. I am here because it is WORSE then that...just write me the prescription...after all...there are few doctor who are actually genuine. The rest of them work for the pharmacy industry....oh but ive had my fair share of on the phone costumer service....airlines are the best. You want to change your flight?? HOW DARE YOU! IT IS GONG TO COST YOU $300 more....You had a family sorry, its still going to cost your $300. Oh you are dying... im sorry it is still going to cost you $300. But but the rate changed online in a matter of minutes, once I clicked purchase fare I get a notice saying it just went up...oh im sorry its still going to cost you $300 more...

side note. Go with Verizon. We love the service!

Kmama said...

I hate comcast. We had them for cable for a period of time after we got married. It seemed like every single month our price increased. They are so shady...and so crabby.

ComcastCares1 said...


I apologize for the unacceptable experience.

I work for Comcast and I would really like to look into this. If you can contact me, include the link to this page and address where you wanted to have the service installed, I would really appreciate it. This information will us locate the records of your interaction with our agent.

Also, if you are willing to give us another chance, I will make sure that your service request is expedited seamlessly.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to improve our service.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Unknown said...

Anytime something breaks in my sister's her 4 year old blames it on Comcast. See, even he knows what's up.

Vanessa said...

Comcast has a good online PR team with Google Alerts set up! So I judge from this comment stream :)

Helena said...

That's true, their PR team seems to be on top of it. But they aren't the ones you talk to when there's a service issue, you know? You get the guy in the office who is mad at the world.

Unknown said...

Our comcast internet service blows . . . but the local reps are usually really nice. But then again, Ben's a hot head and is ready to flip shit at the drop of a hat, so maybe that has something to do with it? lol

Amber D said...

Wow you must be cool even some comcast guy responded.

Alexandria Rammell said... wondering if you want to contact the comment above from comcast. I dont know...looks shady. like they may want your address to come egg your house because there is consensus that verizon is the way to go...and that guy you talk to might be angry....just sayin... if eggs are thrown at your house...we can come up with a master plan of revenge.

ComcastCares1 said...

I am not from the PR Team. I am 100% customer service guy and just wanted to help! :)

If you are reluctant to send your information due to security reasons, I understand. Please know that I am here to help in case you changed your mind.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Stephanie said...

I had a similar experience with Time Warner Cable. Our internet suddenly stopped working and when I called, they were the absolute worst. They acted like I was two and couldn't understand anything. It finally got to the point where I had to put my husband on the phone because I was almost in tears. Ugh, I feel your frustration.

Jamie said...

woah. 2 comments from comcast. They really want you.
My opinion... they all are horrible. We went with verizon and have been 95% happy. Mostly because the internet is cheap(er) and VERY fast. I can watch all the movies I want. And tv shows.
Oh, ya, and we have the exact same problem getting routed to Arizona because of our phone number. We go through it EVERY time. I could scream!!!

Heather said...


And my otherwise peace loving sweet mom yells at phone people all the time. She should really warn them when they answer that if they don't treat her with a modicum of respect he will spew sixty years of pent up verbal abuse at them!!!

(She could give ya lessons!)

Unknown said...

I haven't had major issues with comcast. I always get the promotional rate that exists for 6 months then goes up to $50 a month. Once I get that outrageous bill, I call to tell them I'm canceling and they ask why and I say, "Because I refuse to pay that much for internet." Then they try to get me to do the bundle and I tell them, "not a chance" since we're not big tv watchers. And then they lower it for another 6 months. And I continue this cycle and have for the last 4 years and it works. And that is the only reason I stay with Comcast. There customer service has always been great, but then I'm in Utah/Colorado so who knows.
Oh and about being nice on the phone...forget it. I claim to be a very nice person, but you don't want to get me on the phone when I'm mad. I say, as long as they can't see my face then its ok to be a complete jerk. If they give me attitude...I dish it right back! Companies need to remember that it is ALL about great customer service. The customer is always right. Because if they're not, then you can bet on everyone you know finding out how terrible the company is.

Larissa said...

Everytime I mention Comcast to someone who has/had it, they scowl.

We have FiOS and I really like it. My husband isn't quite so enamoured, mostly because the guy who owns Madison Square Garden also owns Cablevision... and that's where the Rangers play hockey. So he bought a 47" flatscreen TV pretty much solely for the purpose of watching Rangers games in HD... and the twerp owner won't give Verizon the rights to MSG in HD.

Meanwhile, I see that as even more of a reason NOT to go with cable... I don't like bullies.

Kimberly said...

Internet? What is that? We live in Canada so I have no idea of what you are talking aboot.

Kidding. We trashed our latest internet host because they sucked and had kept addding ridiculous costs to every bill. Our new provider goes through the cable company and so far so good.

Good Luck!!

Heligirl said...

You know, if Comcast spend as much money on providing a good product and hiring really good front line people as they do on customer retention/damage control, they wouldn't have the reputation they have. I'm reluctantly stuck with them because Seattle signed a contract with them that they'd not allow another digital cable provider to run line throughout the city (thus no competition) as long as Comcast made their service available to everyone. Result: We get SCREWED up the ass with rates,hidden costs, unexplained rate hikes, etc.

I think you hit on a sensitive topic my dear. :) On other news, Comcast will work with you so reach out to this dude. I bet you can negotiate a really smoking deal. Ask what he's willing to do to keep you.

Michele said...

If you're ever in the market for Satellite TV, don't go to'll have the same problem.

Mom said...

Aww.. one of the best services i have known is in india ! they are SUPER kind :D

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