Saturday, May 21, 2011

If I got a perm, could we still be friends?

...Or would you disown me?

Here is a slightly-underwhelming vlog I just made for you guys, wherein I discuss the possibilities of getting my hair permanently altered.

It's just over two minutes, so it can't be that bad. Right?

(you can also watch it here)

Interesting sidenote- I was kind of freaking out about my robe while shooting this. If I look distracted, that's why. I was afraid I would flash you. But not afraid enough to go get dressed.

When Kurt saw what I was wearing he was all, "You had better not have a nip slip!"

A nip slip?? Who talks like that?! My husband, of course.

So what do you think? Should I do it poodle-style (ha, dirty), or go for the authentic, unwashed euro-grease look this summer in Finland?

Or is there a third option out there?

(Also, have you guys ever permed it up? I would love to hear some some 1980's- inspired stories)



Liv Szari said...

I wanted to perm my hair a few years ago when I was getting ready to go on a month long mission trip to Jamaica. I went to the salon and they told me it would ruin my hair forever basically, so therefore I never did it! I still wish I would have at least tried though! I'm really interested to see what everyone else has to say!

Unknown said...

Nip slip. Kurt sounds a lot like my bf.

Don't perm it! Invest in Curlformers if you have them in your area. They are these mesh tubes you pull your hair through and when you take them off you have tight curls. I used them in my hair in California because if I didn't I would look like a coughed up hairball. Check my mobile uploads on Facebook for my Isaac Newton locks.

Don't ruin your hair! It took my sister forever to get her beautiful hair back after her perm in the 90s.

beka said...

i think your hair looks great...sheesh:)

Unknown said...

Coming from someone who has naturally curly hair, I would definitely say no on the curly hair. But of course everyone always wants what they don't have. I always killed for straight hair myself. And I'm pretty sure that having a perm isn't going to make the grease appear less. And I used to get my hair chemically straightened which is almost like putting the same terrible chemicals in your hair but for a different look and my hair fell out in chunks. So yah...I'd say get the shampoo in a bottle or baby powder or whatever to hide the grease if you can. Good luck!

Annie said...

Have you heard of a beach wave perm? Its like with foam square chunks. I might do one.

Josie said...

I did a really tight perm while I was pregnant thinking it would be easier to take care of after the baby was born. Fail. It just took me like 3 times longer to brush it out because it would get REALLY tangled. BUT once the perm kind of wore out into a looser curl it got better and I didn't really have to do any kind of maintenance. So if you do decide to get one, I would suggest a looser one because it will be a LOT easier. (Even when it was being a pain I LOVED how it looked and it was a lot of fun)

Heather said...

Back in the 80's my mom would snatch me up and perm my hair whenever she got the chance. I looked spent a lot of time looking like a ticked off q-tip.
The last time I went back to college and then permed it back straight.

DON"T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(But if you do I am sure it will look better on you.)

viewfromdownhere said...

But how could I french braid your hair???

Kidding aside, honestly, my hair could never hold a perm. My sister gets hers done all the time, and she seems to do ok with it. But loose curls...don't get those tight ones where you look like a fried poodle.

Chantel said...

Check it out! There are a lot of different styles of perms, and I think it would look great!

Chantel said...

ps. here's the link!

I think the Body Wave one would look great on you

Mysterious Pirate said...

I had a perm when I first met you and you still decided to be my friend, so I would feel rather hypocritical if I decided not to be your friend because you permed your hair.

Spiral perms FTW!

Unknown said...

You're such a cutie. :-)

Okay in Europe, they don't do hair. Ponytails are the way to go. Seriously they wash their hair once a week, at least in France. I would go for the greasy look.

lisa said...

Hair stylist here,
DO NOT PERM!!!!! you will not end up with natural looking waves you will end up with hair that looks permed. there are plenty of ways to dry your hair to make it wavy, talk to your hair stylist. NO PERM!@

Chantel said...

also, i think you should post a pic of the perm you had when you were younger ;-)

Leslie @ said...

You. Are. Adorable. I stumbled over here a bit ago - and I, like, NEVER leave comments on blogs that I get to on StumbleUpon. Yours is the first. Ever.

Because you're really funny. And you made me want to read more than one post. And I'm probably going to have to be obsessed about your blog for a little while. Mkay?

That being said, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you DON'T GET YOUR HAIR PERMED IT IS VERY VERY BAD FOR YOU AND YOUR HAIR.

That is all.


Sweetened by Kagi said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I was watching your video ( I went through the same dilemma where I couldn't decide whether to get a perm or not) I have pin straight hair- very flat :(! I use the 3 prawn waver whenever I can but it is very time consuming... I think the waves look awesome on you but a lot of my friends who have gotten perms have told me that it really damaged their hair ( which is what really scares me to do it) :S Anyways, I am now your newest follower and I hope you will follow me too!!!

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