Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A (slightly sponsored) post about Christmas Cards.

How do you feel about Christmas cards?

I love receiving them. The generic ones people buy in bulk, the handmade ones that take so much time and care, the simple ones you print out yourself. They all get a special place on my fridge. And then come January they are tucked away in a box labeled "Proof that people care."

No matter how generic the card, I know the sender cared enough to write my name and use a stamp. And really, that says a lot.

Christmas cards take time. Picking them out, signing your name (and possibly adding a personal message), stuffing and stamping, the trips to the post office (or, you know, the end of the driveway). And chances are, you're sending out more than a couple.

All of this in between the baking, and decorating, and shopping, and crafting, and other less-seasonal but still necessary tasks of life. Christmas is incredibly busy, even without sending cards.

I am much too lazy to do that.

In fact, my Christmas Greetings are usually limited to a mass-text saying "Happy Holidays! Don't drink and drive!"

I've been satisfied with that in the past, but now that I'm married, I can't help thinking about it.

Maybe I should send out cards.

There are a bunch of ideas online, but the ones that really draw my attention are the photo cards.

I loved sending out my wedding invitations in 2009, and seeing my face plastered on the fridges of my friends and relatives (even if they did hastily stick them on there because they knew I was coming, and would probably ask).

I love the idea of sending an image along with the greeting. I think it helps people remember who you are faster.

(What? You've been there. After the third card signed "Shaniqua and Fernando" it's easy to lose track.)

And so after a month of debating, I've decided to try it. I'm taking the plunge, and ordering the cards.

It will be incredibly last minute, and some people probably won't get theirs in time for Christmas. But hey, that's pretty true-to-character, and I don't think anyone who knows me would expect anything less (or, well, more).

What? It's progress.

After much research, I think I am going to go with Shutterfly. I've used other companies in the past, and they worked fine. But I'm looking for something more.

Also? They kind of asked me to. It's a promotional thing.

(And those cards are going to be free.)

(What, I had to disclose it.)

I tweeted about it a way back in November, and it was open to any and all bloggers. I'm thinking that's a sign of a good company.

Even knowing I could get this deal, I hesitated. For a month. I love free things, but I still wasn't sure it would be worth the effort.

Remember that whole "I'm incredibly lazy" thing?

And so after wrestling with this for weeks, I decided to do it. On the last possible day. If I waited until tomorrow, it would be too late.

What can I say? I like living on the edge.

I have no experience using Shutterfly, but if I like their quality, and their service, I will definitely consider them for my future Christmas card needs. And maybe my Photo Calendar needs. And my Photo Book needs. And heck, maybe even my invitation needs!

(I have a lot of needs).

So how about you? Did you participate in the Shutterfly blog giveaway?

And what are your feelings about Christmas cards?



Convertible Girl said...

My free cards arrived yesterday -- such a great deal! I actually like using Shutterfly for books and calendars, but this was my first time for cards. Enjoy :)

The Zany Housewife said...

I completely forgot about sending out cards. Feck.

Heard nothing but good things about Shutterfly but have never personally used them. Note to self...

Sommer said...

This is the first year in my adult life that I am not sending out Christmas cards. I even bought them but decided not to bother sending them for a purely dumb reason (or so I have been told!) - I always send out a picture of our kids and grandkids in our card and this year they absolutely refused to cooperate and I have no good pictures. I thought about sending them out with a picture of me with a note busting out my family for being such a pain, but got lazy. So, no card from us this year. The best part about sending cards is getting cards in return, so I am kind of sad about that. But I will get over it.

Kristina P. said...

We did photo cards for the last three years. I have seen all the sponsored Shutterfly posts, but we usually use Walmart. They are cheap and easy. Which is surprising considering how classy Walmart is.

But, we may have had pictures with Santa this year, and they gave us $10 off at Shutterfly. They turned out OK, but the pic was grainy.

Jenn said...

My Shutterfly cards are shipping today! :)

Heather said...

I didn't. I should have, but I am getting close to actually having a picture taken. The last two of the five got a haircut today. It is important to be able to see all the kids' faces to relatives can identify them.
Can't wait to see yours though.

Macey said...

I LOVE my shutterfly cards!! :)

Sara Strand said...

I love Christmas cards. I obviously make my own and it takes me more and more time each year. AND I write a letter. ;) Usually I put pictures in it, but this year we didn't have the money to do that...so no pictures. And honestly? If I send a card and get nothing back... off my list fucking loser relative that can't even be bothered to call or even send me one lousy card once a year. Yeah. I feel strongly about it. :/

But YOUR Christmas card is going to come.. probably after Christmas. I have a lil' package of awesome being organized. HAHAHAHA!

beka said...

I like Christmas cards:)
Our family, as I told you earlier, hasn't done a Christmas card in fooooooor-ever. Seriously.
We've skipped some years, I'm pretty sure, and done it others.
Testy things commemorating the end of the year. Hard to remember with several children and a grandmom to take care of, plus other things.
Ah well.

It'll be cool to get the cards from the few bloggers who've said they're sending me one!! I'm excited:)

Katie Hurley, LCSW said...

You always make me laugh at the end of a long evening of getting kids to bed!

I LOVE xmas cards. It's the only time of the year that I care about the mail. The rest of the year Sean looks at me like I'm crazy when I say "I guess I forgot to get it" after he asks about the mail (he LOVES mail). I did use Shutterfly this year, although not free...I think I'm too lazy to participate in giveaways? The cards are beautiful though, you really can't go wrong with them.

Shouldn't you be showing us yours on the blog??


VM Sehy Photography said...

I love getting Christmas cards. Mine will probably be late getting out as well. Apparently I decided to catch a cold right before Christmas break. Oh, well, better late then never I say.

Anonymous said...

A little old-fashioned maybe, but I love writing and sending out Christmas cards. I try to do them all in one evening (and one bottle of wine) around the 10th of December. I didn't quite make the 10th this year, just mailed them yesterday. Close enough.

Have a lovely holiday, Helena!

Anonymous said...

I don't observe a holiday this time of year, and our new year is back in the fall, but I too have mixed feeling about cards. We send them to a few, but it's really always been about calling people on new year to wish them blessings and happiness, and just having a chance to catch up. I don't know, that feels good to *talk*.

On the other hand, how many people can one call?! Our phone is usually in use all morning, between people calling us and us calling them. And yes, seeing that handwritten note is warming. Some of our friends do a new year letter, but we've usually talked with them throughout the year if we are even sort-of-close, and if we haven't, well, the letter doesn't mean so much in terms of catching up, if that makes sense.

Ok, enough! Suffice to say, I'm confused on this one!

Leslie said...

We used the free giveaway on shutterfly and it was awesome! The cards arrived fast and they are great quality. And the envelopes that come with it are even really nice.
I love sending Christmas cards almost as much as i love receiving them! Happy Holidays!

Kmama said...

I make my own digital photo cards every year, but this year, there was so much going on that I was tempted to use Shutterfly, but didn't.

Corinne said...

I love Christmas Cards. I seriously considered doing the Shutterfly blog thingy. I even signed up, just never did a post. But then I got freaked out. Because I didn't want it to be weird that I would be sending out a photo card with me, Russ and our dog when we aren't engaged/married. (although I did consider just sending one of my face - but figured that would be a little much)
I worry too much about what people think.

Next year, I WILL do photo cards. I'm beyond sad that I didn't do them this year :(

Vanessa said...

Nope, I don't send cards. I don't get them, either. Even though my whole family lives in Puerto Rico.

Too much bother, too much...zzz...

I did doodle naughty things unto Sesame Street cards and give those out for valentines day my senior year of high school. Jokes included "Don't drop the soap" and other lurid lessons.

viewfromdownhere said...

We did the Shutterfly thing this year. It saved us a ton of money, and since no one has really scene our wedding pictures, I used it as an opportunity to send it out. But we had to send out a lot more than normal since now we're married and I kind of feel obligated to send it to everyone who came to our wedding and gave us a present. Maybe not next year, but this year...damn obligation..

Helene said...

I'm a total Grinch...I didn't bother with Christmas cards this year, though I knew about the Shutterfly offer. Cuz I'm just lazy.

Every time we receive a card in the mail, I feel like I need to call that person and let them know that we enjoyed their card but that we're not sending out any this year. You know, cuz I'm paranoid that they may think I don't like them anymore. The whole "I sent her a card and she never bothered to send me one" thing...it's just too much for me.

Now that I think about it, it would've just been easier to send out the damn cards!

Jen said...

I LOVE Christmas cards. It makes me sad that we don't get very many any more.

MommaKiss said...

Dear lord, you crack me up. I did the shutterfly thing this year. Got the 50. Needed way more. So I made a second one. And now want to send them both to everyone. I have problems.

Unknown said...

It's all touch and go on the christmas cards. This year we didn't get our act together. But I do love Tiny Prints.

lisa said...

I keep every Christmas card we have gotten for over 20 years. We have so many from family that are no longer with us, and it is a treasure to us to remember them together.

Rachel said...

I rarely, rarely ever give people cards. And I especially don't send them. I just don't believe in them, and I think they're a waste of money (if they're store bought).

A card really doesn't mean anything to me unless there is a long, heart-felt and personal message scrawled within...and most of the time people don't take the time to do that. And when I'm confronted with the task of signing a card, writing something personal in it feels tacky to me, since I'd much rather say what I've got to say in person.

I don't know, I save cards if people send them to me...but I won't send them out myself. And I hate that some people expect a card from you (I still don't send them). I've had family members call me rude because I don't send out Christmas cards. Well, maybe I am. I just don't see the point.

I definitely appreciate receiving handmade cards much, MUCH more than store bought cards...and if card making were my thing, maybe I would send them out. :)

Merry Christmas, Helena!

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