Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My wild and crazy teenage years

When I was in highschool, I didn't really have a curfew. Mostly, my parents just trusted me not to do anything too stupid.

...And they knew that if I did, I would end up telling them anyway. My mom and I were pretty tight.

So yup, no curfew. But I told my friends I had one. It was my excuse to get out of things, because this: 
Just isn't as socially acceptable as this:

I was pretty shy, but I managed to find an awesome group of outgoing friend to hang out with.

And when that awesome group of friends had crazy plans? I would run it by my mom before I went.

"Hey mom? My friends are going skinny dipping this weekend at the cabin. Just girls, and Jessica's mom will be there. It's kind of her idea. What do you think?"

"Go for it."

That weekend 6 of us stood staring at Lake Michigan in the moonlight.

"Ok girls, start stripping."

Jessica's mom was really young when she had her, and she was more like an older sister.

"But, what about that bar?"

The beach was right next to a bar and grill, and we were worried that someone would come outside and see us.

"It's ok. I'll watch your clothes."

So we shrugged our shoulders, and shucked off our clothing. I remember running to the water, screaming "Don't look at me!" at the top of my lungs.

Skinny dipping was awesome. And cold. Mostly cold. But when you are 15, you're willing to overlook the small things (like hypothermia) for the sake of the adventure.

A few minutes later Kelly asked "Hey wait, where did Jess's mom go?"

We all turned towards the beach. The empty beach.

"Oh shit!"

We struggled to the shore, cursing under our breath. When we got there, we found a single towel, and a note.

And that is how I ended up wrapped in a towel with 6 other girls, butt naked, sneaking past a bar in the middle of the night.

It was terrifying.

We couldn't stop giggling.

And Jessica's mom? She was laughing so hard, she couldn't drive home.


Do you guys have any stories like this?



Suzy Myers said...

Ha! Loved your story! Really loved the last picture!

When I was a teenager, I regularly sneaked out my bedroom window to hang out with friends down the street. One night, I went to climb back in the window and found it shut and locked. On the window was a sign written by my dad- Room For Rent.

Boy was I in trouble. Ha!


Shell said...


Too funny that she took your clothes. I think I would have died from embarassment.

I skinny dipped in the ocean when I was 28. I loved it.

Macey said...

Hahahahaaa!! That's the best story ever. I've never skinny dipped. I don't want to be responsible for killing all the fish.

~~Mia~~ said...

haha, i have no stories THAT good!!!!!!

k, but why is your mom reading her book on the table? {{lol}} sorry, sorry, i couldn't resist!!!!

the thrifty ba said...

worlds best mom right there!
i of course was perfect and never did anything crazy.
im still that way.

seven thirty three said...

HA HA HA!!! What a great story!

MY mom was the crazy mom from my group of friends. Everyone loved her... she's a nut, but she never encouraged us to skinny dip and then take all our clothes. I do still have a 12 year old sister she could do it too... maybe I'll make that suggestion. LOL.

Marilyn Dickey said...

The infamous nature of this story still haunts me. What I wouldn't have given to have moved in just a few months earlier...

Forget the fact that we went skinny-dipping/chunky-dunking (depending on whether we're talking about you lot or me) with a less-active priest at a Laurel class presidency sleep over at the bishops house a year later, THIS is the story that lives on. :)

Oh the wild and crazy years. I miss them!!

Ps, Bite me.

Chantel said...

hahaha, I remember when this happened! soo funny.

sometimes I would pretend i had a curfew too, but other times I would say that I didn't have one. I hope no one caught on...

Sara Strand said...

Um no.. nothing like that. But my mom smoked pot ALL THE TIME and told us it wa incense. My friends thought she was awesome. And they realized my jacket smelled because of her- not because I was a closet pot head. LOL.

beka said... mom would be one of the conservative, stay on your porch and knit a scarf kinds.
Needless to say....Ii hate cold water anyhow and I don't want to risk hypothermia. LOL
Maybe a not-too-cold body of water. Hahahahhaha

Unknown said...

no, but I wish I did!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

OMG! That is great! I am so keeping that in mind for the future!

My mom was very much a rule follower. No way would any skinny dipping be allowed.

So I waited until college to have wild adventures

Unknown said...

So I used to be jealous that I wasn't invited to this awesome slumber party up in Montague...until I heard this part of the story. Who else was there besides, you jess, and kelly? Oh and to relate to Marilyn's story...I still remember that skinny dipping party and totally forgot that Rolando was there. I try to justify that skinny dipping is okay to my extremely conservative husband by telling him it was okay because we did it with the bishop's wife's suggestion/approval? (Not sure which one). He is still VERY against the thought of me taking Lily skinny dipping with her friends when she's older...and I'm pretty sure I would have to wait until he was out of town or something so I could be creative like's Sis Koopman and steal all the clothes too! He thinks something bad could happen...hello! That's why you have adult supervision...then it's ok since adults are responsible....and stuff. Great story and great illustrations! I'm curious to know who's who.

Anonymous said...

My parents were pretty laid back about some things but my friends' parents? Notsomuch. My parents let me go to concerts in the shady part of downtown on a school night but my friends couldn't go so I'd go by myself. I don't know if I would ever take my daughter and her friends skinny dipping but I love the idea of pranking them. Mom's still got it, punks!

Anonymous said...

Now -that- is an awesome mom.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Jessica's mom was a freak!

mypixieblog said...

LMAO!!! Omg, Jessica's mom is my hero. That is an AWESOME story!

Lynn said...

So fun reading this, not having heard the story before, but knowing the cast of characters ....and knowing that they were being true to form. :D
I can just picture this happening--
very, very funny.

Christy said...

My girls are going to curse the day that I read this since I LIVE for embarrassing them. BWAHAHAHA. Evil laugh. Evil laugh.

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