Sunday, November 7, 2010

THAT was a busy week.

Welcome to this week's edition of

This week on Reasons to Lose

Season 2 officially started

And I am doing (relatively) awesome!

This week on the Internet

My Quadraboob definition made it into Urban Dictionary! (Which makes it official).

I had a huge, awesome, life-changing victory.

This week's Things I Wish I Could Plagiarize

Adrianna vs. The Scale

I knew it.

Why Nicolas Cage does such awful movies

Make it memorable

Snail Mail



Macey said...

I'm so proud of you! Making it into Urban Dictionary is huge.

Chantel said...

That Urban Dictionary is a fantastic feat!

The twitter link didn't work :-(

Anonymous said...

Urban Dictionary is awesome!

And, I'm so flattered that I made the plagarize list. Again. I'm e-blushing :)

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