Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quadraboob Saggy??

How did you guys find Life in the Pitts?

7% of the people who visit me find their way here through a search engine. Mostly Google. And mostly because they type in "life in the pitts" or some variation of that.

But some people end up here by accident. And I can only imagine how confused they are.

Here are some of the more interesting searches that have lead people to Life in the Pitts:

Things that make sense

blogger who grew up on a blueberry farm in mi (I can only assume she was looking for me)

granny panties wedgie

how to figure out bra size

how can i make my mark in the world

i have a midterm tomorrow, what should i do? (hint: not this)

Things that don't really surprise me

if your boobs are falling out of your bra

pee standing

you pantsed me

skittles help headaches (this is news to me. But I'm trying it).

Things I am not qualified to help you with

i have the hiccups

Guy pantys wedgie

1800s romanian jewelry

facial checkerboard wrinkles

i dont wear panties to church

quadraboob saggy

...I hope they weren't too disappointed.

So now I am curious. How did you find me?



Kristina P. said...

Can we see some pics of this saggy quadraboob?

And I just read your profile. I didn't realize your family was all out here in Utah!

Macey said...

Quadraboob saggy? Sadly, I know exactly what they're talking about.

Suzy Myers said...

Darned if I remember. Maybe Ravelry? Although I often do searches in google for humor sites and quadraboobs. Not saggy ones, though.


Anonymous said...

I think it was through a blog hop but I'm not sure. Either way? It has been amazing ;)

Shell said...

Those are some funny search terms!

I'm not sure how I found you! Or maybe you found me first? I suck at remembering things like this.

Rachael said...

A tagged picture on facebook of you and Kurt as a carton of eggs. I've been loving it ever since.

Clarissa Emily said...

Honestly can't remember... I think it was through a blog hop too. Maybe your linky party? Either way, I stayed 'cuz of the hilarity of your posts (which I TOTALLY relate to, by the way...) Truly a.w.s.o.m.e. :)

Anonymous said...

Through your blog swap with The Empress! Loving your blog ever since :)


Hazel xxx

Fox and Amy said...

Wow--I'm curious to see facial checkerboard wrinkles. How does that work?
Thanks for being the constant source of my midday giggle :)

Jamie said...

you text me and said... Hey I am starting a blog. The rest is history!

Traci said...

A friend of mine was featured on your site. Saw the button on her blog and thought I would check it out. And I am SO happy I did!

beka said...

I'm...pretty darn sure I found you a normal way. Blog-hopping.
Can't remember, but it wasn't too crazy... haha:)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

SITS. But I think I had seen you on Ravelry

DB said...

I'm pretty sure I just found you through the average blog hopping way.

Not nearly as exciting.

Jenn said...

I was blog-hopping, I believe. I wish I could remember where I was reading when I found yours. But, regardless of how I found you, I'm super glad I did. I enjoy your perspective on life, and think we'd be friends in "real life," if our paths were to cross. :)

Devonay said...

Definitely blog hopping, and definitely one of my faves!

Mama Mary said...

I found you on SITS and thank gawd for that! I'm still not over the Quadraboob saggy thing.

Gosfam said...

I honestly don't remember where I found you. Glad I did though.

Mongooseholly said...

You came to the forum....then you went away. I still visit here.

Corinne said...

when we moved to Pittsburgh I changed my location on blogger and then checked out what other "pitt" bloggers there were out there. Although now i see that everyone else just put blog hopping and I'm beginning to think I should have just put that, too.

Alexandra said...

Through eHarmony.com, baby.

And you're stuck with me.


Chantel said...

Hahaha! oh my... those search terms are quite hilarious!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Well, sadly, I don't wear panties to church. It's a good thing too or I never would have found you!

mk said...

apartment therapy lead me to a blog about a dog bed that lead me here. your awesome :)

Mizasiwa said...

i love your blog like so many others... i think i read a guest post on milk and juice or one of her blog friends?? so glad i followed the link!

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