Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Party like crazy! (It's good for your blog)

There are so many ways to find readers for your blog. Twitter, networks, comments, guest posting. These things work.

But my favorite? Link Parties.

(No, I'm not talking about Blog Parties Like This One)

Sometimes when I am facing writers block, I will turn to Thursday Thunks, or Top Two Tuesday for ideas.

Parties like these don't just give you a topic to write on. They also give you a chance to expose your blog to a whole new audience.

And who doesn't like exposing themselves?

When I link up to this kind of party (a blog one, not a flasher one), I try to visit each and every person there, and leave a meaningful comment.

(Emphasis on the meaningful part)

At the end of that comment, I'll add "I found you through ___________."

The return visits are awesome, and I always see a huge traffic spike when I do this.

A few weeks ago I tried a Wordless Wednesday post. And I got 200 extra visitors that day who clicked through to my blog (I track my traffic sources through Google Analytics).


Parties are where it's at, y'all.

There are also some blog carnivals that don't require you to write on a specific topic. Some ask for a funny post. Or maybe for your best post of the week.

Others have a theme, but it's general enough that you can just add what you already wrote that day.

Here, let me show you what I mean. Take my sister's Small Treasures Tuesday party (which is open all week).

Some people are inspired to write a post about something they treasure.

Others (like me) will link up whatever they wrote that day, and in the linky they will write titles like "naked old ladies are a treasure" "being married to me is a treasure" and "reaching that level of awkwardness is a treasure."

Sweet, huh?

Again, you will receive more visits if you visit the other participants, and leave them thoughtful comments.

It's all about the social interaction.

(Yes, this is a plug for my sister's party. Go link your posts up)

So that's my secret.


What are your favorite ways to draw in new readers?

And are there any other parties that you guys like?

I'm always looking for new parties.

(I should probably specify, I'm not looking for Craft parties. Not that yours isn't awesome. But since this is not a craft blog (it's in the header), maybe only link up ones that would apply?)



DANA said...

I am having a party right now! It's called Strut Your Stuff!

Vanessa said...

Link parties are the best marketing tool I've found for blogs...EVER. And I work full-time doing web marketing (I wish link-parties were common for the finance blogs I ghost-write!)

I try to leave feedback on all of the amazing posts in each one but time doesn't typically allow. Grr...

Before I started using link parties and communicating with other bloggers I would pour my heart out and work hours on a blog post only to get no feedback. I'm glad that's changed, it was a bit heart-breaking!

Anonymous said...

I do love a good party but I hate the "I found you through "I like looking at old naked men blog-hop" & would love a follow back!" and then never hear from that reader again.

You, my dear, are an exception though because for some unexplained reason, you keep coming back to me ;)

I am going to start a weekly weight-loss blog hop that I would love if you and the girls joined! We will be starting it this Friday so stay tuned.

But you are always tuned in to my blog so it shouldn't be an issue :)

Kristina P. said...

I don't ever do blog parties, carnivals, etc. They aren't for me. I just promise pictures of The Hoff, naked, and the swarms come.

Oh, and at Bloggy Bootcamp, a speaker said something about being honest and exposing yourself on your blog. I turned to my friend and asked if that meant literally.

Kimberly said...

I can't agree with you more about leaving a meaningful comment on the blog you're visiting. Sometimes I get very irrtated when someone will swing by and say "I like that post. Follow me here" like ugh. I want to donkey punch them.
I may have anger management issues. Whatev.
But you're funny. I like you and your flashing stick people. Thanks for the tips. Maybe I'll play along.

Macey said...

MEANINGFUL. That's the important part. I was reading this girl's blog where she had just found out her hubs was cheating on her. And, seriously, somebody left a comment:
Here visiting from SITS (i think) and your blog is hilarious!
Oh.Em.Gee. So wrong.

Art Chick said...

I love the link parties...I have found some of the best blogs that way! I just posted on your sister's today, and that led me to yours too. Love that. And I started getting lots more traffic once I started with the link parties and comments. I echo what others have said about meaningful comments too. I try to leave very specific comments to show that I actually did read the post. What's the point otherwise, right?

Sara Strand said...

I have no idea where I find people that read my blog. The fact anyone does is a modern miracle. And makes me think maybe Santa really is real.

And I haven't found a link party I can play with because I swear. And talk about penis hats. Most people frown on that though I can't imagine why.

Shell said...

The comment above mine made me laugh.

I don't participate in as many any more, but they are definitely a great way to grow your blog and find new blogs to read.

I used to link up and then read as many of the other linkers as I could.

*Cough, Cough, shameless plug* I host Pour Your Heart Out on Wednesdays, never a specific topic, just whatever the linkers thinks fits. Post-it note Tuesday is a fav. Mama kat's writers workshop on Thusdays.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I like Weekly Winners at It's a weekly photo link up. Even if you just have one photo to share.

Beyond that I like the Word Up Yo one at where weekly you have to use certain words creatively in a post.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Eh, I haven't found too many parties of late. I like to find blogs through Blog Frog and SITS.

FreeFlying said...

Why don't I know about these link parties? I always like things with the word "party" in them. Now I'm going to have to check out all the things your commenters referred to. Blog homework.

Is procrastination so Pavlovianed into my response to the word homework that I seriously just thought, "Hmm, I should watch an episode of Gossip Girl first, though"??? Embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

I don't like to do the link parties myself, but I do hop to some of my favorite ones, just to read them. I enjoy the Post It Note Tuesday ones because some people are very clever with their post it messages.

I don't really have a "hook" for drawing people to my blog, but I do ok. I think maybe it's because I'm crazy and my blogs are on the humorous/crazy side. I think people like that. They don't know what to think of me and they certainly don't know what I'm going to come up with next, so they come back.
I always always always visit everyone who visits me, and enjoy it very much!
I have found some of my bloggy friends on the Over 40 Bloggers list provided by Java.


Anonymous said...

I certainly need to participate in more blog parties-it's something I rarely do.
I used to participate in the Lady Bloggers Society weekend tea party, which is fun and often did get me new visitors, but I got frustrated when I woud go and comment on more than the suggested number of blogs but more often than not, the people who I took the time to seek out, comment on and THEN comment on the LBS post where I had visited and what I liked didn't bother to stop by and comment on my blog.
So glad I came by your site, the header is too awesome! Your posts crack me up!

Anonymous said...

So wait...if your stick figure is gettin ready to flash, i.e., have a coat one, does that mean your other stick figures are NAKED?!?!

Unknown said...

I never think to link up to parties. I will more seriously now as I don't often get new followers, even though I comment regularly.

Or (gasp) maybe my blog is just too booooooring! giggle.

Nah, can't be. I'll link up.

DLK said...

I've never heard of link parties. I'm relatively new at this whole thing, so I'm gonna check out the few you posted. Thanks!

Chantel said...

haha I love it! Your blog is the best. I love your writing style. Thanks for the plug :-D

Anonymous said...

I saw you post some comments on a few of the blogs I read, and your blog title caught my attention. Thought I'd drop by and say hello.

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