Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My very first (very rambly) Vlog.

I....Vlogged. Last night. For the first time.

It's kind of awful.

And I sound like a 12 year old.

AND I couldn't edit it, due to some incredibly unfortunate internet connection issues.

But I'm uploading it anyway. Because maybe you guys are curious about what my face looks like in action. Or maybe you feel like watching a crazy-rambly video today.

I wouldn't want to keep you from your dream.

What do you think?

Aside from it being kind of pointless. Is this something you want to me to do more often (or ever)? Or are you cringing, and wishing you could erase that image from your minds?

I'm desperately awaiting your comments.


I hear it's freezing half way through. Lame. The vaguely funny parts are all in the second half. If you are just dying to see the rest of it, here is the youtube link.


Also, did you see the quiz on my sidebar? -------->
You know you want to answer it.


And finally, I'm linking this to my sister's Blog Carnival, Small Treasures Tuesday (which is open all week). Because Vlogging Awkwardly is a Treasure



Jean Has Been Shopping said...

I think it's awesome!
Your hair & make-up look great.
You don't sound 12.
Your background is lovely.
Subject matter is interesting.
The video froze about 1/2 way, but that is probably my computer.
How did the skyping go?

Helena said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, really?, LAME, and really good. I am thinking about doing a remake of it. Because I get a little crazy when I'm skyping with my sisters...

Corinne said...

Well my video didn't freeze halfway through :) And I did not think the video was at ALL lame, or weird or whatever. I loved how you were completely honest - that's some major courage! And I agree with JeanHasBeenShopping - your hair and makeup look great! I hope the Skype-workout went well! I have The Shred and I agree - it's a major love/passion/hate relationship.

Unknown said...

You are so cute! :)

Unknown said...

Mine didn't freeze up either...
your computer is a liar!

Kristina P. said...

You look adorable.

Next time, I think you could use more cleavage shots. Hell, topless would be better.

Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

have i told you this before? you remind me so much of pam from the office that when i hear your voice i look for jim (cause i'd steal him from you. you know, if i wasn't married). i think i told you that a while back but i can't remember. next time i think you should dress in a crazy costume!

Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

ps i gained 20 pounds in my first 5 MONTHS of being married. how depressing. add on top of that getting knocked up and you have... well.. something that i don't like. i should start doing jilian again- i have the dvds. instead i just watch BL on tuesday nights and pretend. you're my hero. you can totally do 20 by christmas!

Helena said...

Pam from The Office? I am flattered. Does anybody else agree with that?

Vanessa said...

I like your video! You do not sound 12, you sound mature and pleasant. The background is nice and the production was enjoyable :)
To respond above, hey, you do kind of remind me of Pam from the office. In the best ways possible. You're cute!

So funny we both branched into video production on the same night. Last night I was asked to film something related to the blog. I have filmed on webcam and must say it is so much more comfortable than talking to someone holding a DSLR over your face. God..dayum! I need practice!

Hope to see my vlogging from you, I will be doing the same over at Thriftcore. A little nerve-wracking, but fun!

beka said...

Honey, you at least have makeup on. Me, no. 3 out of 4 of my vids are blank canvas.
As if that makes a woman.
Psh. It doesn't.
LOL ........
You're so adorable!
Isn't it comforting to click that "unlisted" button? I don't want every freak in the world seeing me.... hahaha.
I have trouble focusing on my laptop's integrated camera eye.....I guess I like watching myself talk? Bleh!
Ah! I've heard good things about Skype, also. From a guy friend in the AF. A few states away. Known him since I was 15. Anyhow.
That was random of me.
:P :)

Oh man.
You're funny......cheaper, ew!!! Hahaha
Dang. Yours is at least like a good conversation/actual blog.
I love you.
In a wonderfully sisterly way.
I'm going to get married.
Not anytime soon, as I should imagine....no one's knocking on my door or telling me their plans. LOL

Erica said...

I like reading long blog posts. That's because I usually go through them at work and I don't usually watch video at work. So... that's my bias!

Macey said...

Haha! You're adorable!! And I have skype, but I don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Your too cute! What a fun idea, it's always awesome to see what bloggers really look like in real life and what they sound like. YOUR JUST CUTE!! Loved it!!

the girl said...

Ok, so when I found your blog (not really sure how exactly, but I found it) and saw your cute shirt in your profile pic, I was like, Hmm, we should be friends. But after watching your Very First Webcam, I have decided that we should definitly be friends! I like reading your blog cuz you blog about life and I blog about my incredably boring life (not that your's is boring). :) Keep smiling :)

viewfromdownhere said...

I love it! So, how did the Jillian Michael's workout go? I just started a new thing on my blog called Motivation Mondays, because, like you guys, I need to lose. I sadly have let myself go since being engaged and then married...so your Reasons to Lose Blog is mentioned if you want to pop over! And feel free to link posts in the future for Motivation Mondays! I can use all the motivation I can get, I don't know about you guys...great first vlog!

Lisa said...

I think it is a nice idea from time to time, but I love how you write, and enjoy that. The only thing I can tell you is to use hair spray ( I am a hair stylist) because in the beginning you keep pushing your hair back.. I dont want to be picky, but you want to know right? Very nice makeup, and your honesty is fresh!

JoJo said...

You're too cute and good for you for getting all dolled up for your vlog. My first vlog I had to dim the lights because I had just washed my face for the night and didnt want to scare people off with the acne I had that day and by acne I mean pimple, but you know how I am. Anyway vlogging takes guts, so I'm proud. You're beautiful with a cute voice to match. Good luck with the wt loss! I'm rooting for you!

Kenzie said...

Hey gorgeous! I love your video! And I am so proud of you for taking the healthy approach to weight loss and not my lose 30 lbs in 4 months by having coffee for breakfast, pepsi for lunch and about 10 bites of something for dinner. Add that eating schedule to tons of stress and you get skinny! But I don't recommend it, I don't think it's really healthy!

Chantel said...

You're so cute! Your hair and makeup looks very good :-) And you don't sound 12... I would sound 12!

I think vlogging is awesome. You should do it more.

ps. I voted on your thing :)

Chantel said...

and thank you for linking up!

Annie said...

Love you and your cute make-uped face! Last night was so fun.Can't wait till next weeK!

FreeFlying said...

I've tried twice to get it to work and can never hear your voice! My husband keeps hooking my computer up to the t.v. and it throws off all the settings. I guess I'll go read one of your written posts instead. :)

Larissa said...

OMG, so the post marriage weight gain isn't just me?! I feel like a tub.

And the video's great!

Anonymous said...

So I'll watch the vlog later, but I just voted. And thought I voted yes, based on the sexy spray cheese context and what hubs wanted to do with it, it just seems wrong. Very wrong.

the thrifty ba said...

yup-just as weird as i thiought youd be!

Kyle and Aly said...

I love this! You crack me up! Its always awkward talking to something that doesnt talk back. LOVE your hair also! Cute!

Danielle said...

hahahahhaha i love love love you. this is awesome.

"i ate a lot ........and didnt move" pretty sure i said that exact same thing. i also gained 35 lbs. I am in the EXACT same position as you. weight and everything. im 150ish155ish right now.. suckyballs. did i just say that on your blog? uh oh.

i also love all of the allusions to "doing" jillian michaels. If i was gonna lez out on someone it wouldnt be her...thats for DANG sure. She seems pretty bossy and demanding... I'm thinking more along the lines of Scarlett Johansen...whoa where am I going with this... I like big hairy men. ok, i snapped back to reality.

did i mention i love your blog?

Alexandra said...

I'm going to spend some time here catching up.

I want to vlog. But I'm skeert. Just hate the sound of my voice...did you have that feeling? Or not?

Not saying I hate the sound of your voice, ...just , oh, forget it..

Alexandra said...


And not just cuz I love you.

See? this is why all kids should be homeschooled. They come out with personality plus.
My kids are just like this: hilarious. Look, Baby e is only 8 and he blogs like a hollywood star.

You are hilarious, I laughed out loud so many times, "I ate a lot and didn't move a lot"

LOVEd it. Not that you gained 35 lbs, but the video. LOVED IT. MORE, please.


Should I do this? ALl I do is buy a camera? What else?

Girl, you are making me brave.

Love you gobs...

Jendi said...

If you wouldn't have mentioned that you were nervous I wouldn't have guessed it!

I love using Skype. It's so fun and free makes it even better!

Unknown said...

You are so adorable it should be illegal. Love your vlog.

I, too, love Jillian Michaels and we have a few of her dvds. My favorites are 30 Day Shred & No More Trouble Zones. They work, too. I want Jillian's bod. It will never happen.

You are awesome. Oh, and your post on the annoying follow me friday things---PRICELESS and I am like totally in love with you for that. I am going to retweet it until the cows come home.

p.s. I vlog sometimes but I think my webcam must suck/be cheap b/c the words coming out of my mouth never match up w/ the movement of my lips. Or is this something I should be able to fix in my settings? I am stupid, apparently.

Unknown said...

and congrats to your 1st vlog!

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