Sunday, November 14, 2010


Welcome to this week's edition of

This week on Reasons To Lose

I dominated the Shred.

This week on the Internet

Um...not much.

This week's Things I Wish I Could Plagiarize

Forget Bed Bugs - Ever Heard of Bed Worms??

Well. This certainly does get the point across.

Breaking me

Taming Temper Tantrums through Arson.

There are basically two kinds of human beings.

Did you write an awesome post this week? Add the URL to your comment, and I'll come check it out!



Anonymous said...

Love the sites you chose to wish you could plagiarize, especially "Well. This certainly does get the point across."

And yes, I did actually post something I'm proud of, last night. Have a read if you choose. It's one of the few times I actually take anything seriously.


Corrine said...

Love the sites you wish you could copy... interesting to say the least!

Not to sure I had an awesome post
but I sure did have a fun week!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Your shred post is inspiring!!

Macey said...

I SO wish I was copy worthy. :)

Unknown said...

Hi!I finally got on netvibes so I can keep up to speed with all the people I want to follow.

I love the idea of letting people put their url with a post of theirs. I think I'll use that idea and credit you if that's ok.

One of my favorites is not from this week, but last - is that ok?

Unknown said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.

I don't know if any of my posts are awesome, but I hope you will check them out:

MommaKiss said...

i wish i had a site to share. alas, my weekend consisted of shuking, resting my coccyx and now i have lost my voice. incredible weekend, yah?

DANA said...

I did write one! see what you think!

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