Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's be honest here.

Welcome to our Friday Party!
(this is our very first week!)
(and probably our last)

Life in the Pitts
(sorry this button is so small- I'm working on a new one!)

Be sure and read the rules guidelines very carefully before linking up!
  • Link to your main blog page. (G Rated links only!).
  • In the "name" field,  please put your blog title, followed by "I always follow back!!!!" 
  • You must write an entire blog post dedicated to Follow Me Now (FMN), and include the above button at both the beginning, and the end of the post. 
  • Then put the button on your sidebar. 
  • And your other sidebar. 
  • Be sure to follow all your hosts! They are located in the first 16 slots. Don't worry, we follow back! 
  • Now visit all of the other blogs, and follow each of them. Actually reading their blogs is not necessary, as you will probably never return. 
  • Leave a comment on each blog. It does not have to be relevant to the post.   
    • "Hi, I'm your new follower from FMN!! Now follow me back. LOL." is perfect. It's short, impersonal, and particularly charming when the post was about the death of a loved one. 
    • Be sure to add a signature to your comment, with a link to your blog, your twitter handle, and your facebook page. 
    • Too busy to participate? That's ok! Just link up your blog, and walk away. Free advertising! 
    • If anybody follows your blog (and with these awesome comments, you'll know if they do!) You MUST follow them back. 
      • Even if you aren't interested. 
      • This is not negotiable. 
      • It's only polite. 
      • And our final rule guideline: HAVE FUN!
        (remember, these are just guidelines, so you can ignore them if you want to :)
        (but I might delete your link and/or leave you some nasty comments)

        I'm leaving this party open all weekend, so be sure to tell your friends!!!



        Jean Has Been Shopping said...

        I'm following you. Are you following me?
        I see your humor!

        Suzy Myers said...

        Ya know what. I really hate rules. But I love your blog. So, I'm all over it.

        You forgot about the part that says you will stalk each and every one of us and if we didn't follow all your rules, you will delete our link.

        Or not...

        Love ya!

        Vanessa said...

        This is a joke? A social experiment perhaps? :)

        I started joining linky parties because I was putting hours of work into my content and NO ONE was reading. It was a way to find readers to share my passions with.

        I'm getting pretty annoyed with how shamelessly self-promotional many of the people who participate in the linky parties are. They don't read the posts, engage in the conversation, and I don't see work going into their blogs in many cases. (There's too much clutter everywhere, or broken links, misaligned bits...)

        ...And I assume this post is you proving how annoyed you are with the whole deal right how :D I agree, miss.

        Vanessa said...

        Ur, please forgive the typos above! You get the point, I'm sure... :)

        Helena said...

        Van, you totally got it. I love the idea of these parties, but the reality drives me crazy.

        seven thirty three said...

        I HATE when the party host comes and yells at you for not posting their button IN YOUR POST. I put all the buttons of parties I participate in on one page and YES it does get hits because I can track it. Needless to say, when a host comes and tells me that I need to put the button in my post or they delete me I tend to no longer participate. I know the idea is to drive traffic to their site, but I AM doing that already with my page DEDICATED to the subject. Anyway, I host two parties and don't die when I don't see my button.

        The Follow Me Linkies are the WORST. I do participate and get some great followers, but it is the worst when you write a heartfelt post and they leave a stupid follow me back comment! OR worse yet a comment that says they read the first sentence and nothing else. LOL.

        Suzy Myers said...

        What Kim said!!


        Anonymous said...

        Oh you crack me up!! I feel the same way as you do. My husband saw all the comments the other day from a follow me party, they all said: "Hi I'm so and so from follow me back,i'm your newest follower :) please stop by my blog and follow me back!" He was all your going to follow them right?? I was like yeahhh... NO!!! Why would i if i don't like their blog. No one is OBLIGATED to follow mine :)

        Alexandria Rammell said...

        I just do my blog for not sure I understand all this blogging hate towards follow me or follow back. I going to get into blog drama by adding my link. its private so no one can view it right? did I get set up???

        Helena said...

        No worries Alex, you're safe!

        Alexandra said...

        Can you do this if your blog is not a craft blog?

        signed, really want to do what's right and honorable.

        elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

        And this post is why I follow your blog!!! ;)

        By the way, if you don't come over to my blog right away and leave me a comment as well because I left you a comment here, I will stop following you. ;) wink, wink!

        Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

        Hey, I left a comment here, now you do the same damit!
        Just found your blog, pretty funny stuff!

        Yuliya said...

        OMG Love this post! Love your pictures! Love your blog! Please follow me back! Please comment on my blog! Love me dammit love me!

        Stopping by from SITS, (another favorite comment of mine) this was hilarious thank you. I am starting to wish there was some sort of rule book blogger/wordpress/etc made you read before you start a blog, perhaps outlining some of these charming practices.

        Anonymous said...

        You are funny, but I can't tell you if you are joking or not, so I'm hesitant to participate. However, I do like you and your blog, so I am going to follow you! I would really like for you to follow me back. Does that work?

        Sara Strand said...

        I should join this and then surprise everyone with a post all about the pros and cons about a vagina and a penis. heehee..

        Unknown said...

        I think I'm in love with you. And this post. OMG. Seriously. I just RT'd it and can't wait to keep RT'ing it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Tough Cookie Mommy said...

        Although I didn't get to participate in the hop, I like your style so I am definitely following you anyway.

        Anonymous said...

        Very funny! I did ONE of those kinds of follow-up thingys. It was called Post It Note Tuesdays, I believe. It took my a whole evening to figure out how to do the links AND the postits.....and during that time, I could have written 3 of my normal 600+ word postings. It is a way to get visitors, but I would rather they visit because of my writing and my wit (or lack thereof, depending of personal preferences!).


        Shell said...

        This is why I love you. All that is missing is one of your drawings and it might be my fav post ever.

        RN Mama said...

        You have no idea how much I love this! This is exactly why I've never ever done a Friday follow! Too many rules...and let's face it, I'm slow, so they've lost me after the second guideline!

        Have a great weekend, party on!

        Megan said...

        Wait... are you saying that hitting that little follow button has meaning? It's not just an endless game of who can click on it on the most blogs possible?

        Now I just don't know what to believe in.

        Ma What's 4 dinner said...

        New follower here! HA!!!! This is hysterical. I love it.

        So glad I found you on Shell's site!

        Anonymous said...

        you are a cracker hun ;-) so follow me or else hahaha!!!
        i await with awe for the next lots of reading lol...
        see ya on the rock side ? was listening to something just then on the bloomin radio?? so that made little or no sense oh well blah!
        ps follow back babe

        Jennifer said...

        Yes, yes and yes. Actually pretty much yes to all of this.

        And I did follow you. Because you're funny. And I think you will be entertaining. And you totally don't have to follow me back.

        Liz said...

        Coming over from Shell's BFF post, it took me a few seconds to make sure you were being sarcastic.

        I totally love your concept!

        I hope you had a fun BFF day!

        Mrs4444 said...

        I'm visiting from Shell's place, so of course, you must visit my blog, where you will see my Friday Fragments post. Be sure to link up and read every single post that's linked up; it will only take a week! :)

        Love your sense of humor...

        JDaniel4's Mom said...

        Visiting from Shell's! This post is wonderful. I have read all of it on one hop or another.

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