Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The usual suspects

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite people: My college roommates.

(an eye patch has been added to protect the not quote innocent)


Kirky was my very first roommate, back in the dorms. Our organizational styles didn't really mesh (she had them, I did not), and living in such close quarters was not good for our friendship. Once we moved on to bigger and better apartments, however, we became friends for life. She loves tennis, nail polish, running, and her stuffed gorilla named Gonads (she has since married and had a daughter, and I assume she loves them both to pieces. But we are focusing on the good old days).

I met Nessa on my first day of Freshman Orientation. We hit it off right away. She is incredibly sweet, funny, and short, and she does not do well in awkward situations (for example: when guys sit too close to her, and stroke her hair). Nessa is from Houston, and she loves Korean Soap Operas.

Kendar is the youngest of the group (by almost 2 months). She is stylish, and sporty, and incredibly well traveled. When she isn't running races, or interning in DC, you may find her playing Cello for a world class orchestra, or breaking bones out on the hockey rink. What can I say? She is a girl of many talents.

And then there is Wesha The Pirate. This mysterious person is from the Midwest, and she has a heart of gold.....Surrounded by a layer of crazy, impulsive fun. You cannot be around this girl for more than a few minutes before you are either laughing hysterically, staring uncertainly, or off on a crazy adventure (Probably all three). She loves ABBA more than anything. Except Micro Biology. And Gonorrhea.

Tune in tomorrow for one of the most important lessons I learned in college:
Why You Should Never Leave Your Underwear In The Oven.

(SPOILER ALERT: It's all Wesha's fault)



Mama Mary said...

Oh, I love this post. Aren't college friends the best? I am a little choked up now b/c my BFF from college was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and I am very emotional about the whole thing! Can't wait to hear about the underwear in the oven! : )

Tara : Damon : Ellis : Hudson said...

HA! Oh, I miss everybody and all the crazy things that happened in DT- though I'm scared at the thought of and it's probably better that I didn't know so much of what went on after freshman year... or probably things that went on in the dorms for that matter. I miss that year like woah.

Chantel said...

I'm excited to read what's in store!

Love the descriptions.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Did you say Korean Soap Operas? I didn't know they existed.
And a girl that likes gonorreah is rare indeed! Looking forward to part 2.

viewfromdownhere said...

Well, you have me intrigued! I mean, I've never thought about putting my underwear in an oven, but...

I'll have to come back and find out, I guess!

Kyle and Aly said...

I'm sad that I never really hung out with you guys. I think one of the memories I actually have is of the tent in the living room and crawling in and wanting to sleep all together in this little tiny tent in the corner... Oh yeah... and climbing over your clothes to wake you up for work in the morning. :P Or the crayon in the bathroom... okay... so maybe there were memories... Haha!

Somerset said...

Excuse me? Why am I not on the roommate list of love? As I recall, we had some pretty crazy times...and I never put your underwear in the oven =)

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