Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kurt's snoring is terrifying me right now. How appropriate.

Today I won't be doing my usual (occasional) What I Did When I Wasn't Here
(it was a slow week, and I didn't do much).

Instead, welcome to our first-ever edition of:

I am going to provide you with links to every Halloween-ish, or in some way terrifying, post I have ever written.

Click in these links. IF YOU DARE.

Is This Creepy?

Always A Good Way To Kill A Moment
(What? It says "kill" in the title. And I'm pretty sure Kurt was horrified).

What's Your Super Power?

The Zombie Post

I Probably Have Hundreds Of Ghosts All Up In My Nose Hair

The Post That Grossed Out Every Single Reader.

Trick Or Treat!

A Halloween Craft

Happy Halloween!


What's the creepiest post you've ever written? Add the URL in your comment, because I want to come read it!



Kristina P. said...

I have written several posts about Mario Lopez, and he scares the hell out of me.

In fact, I'm mentioning him in my post tomorrow.

Alexandra said...

LOVE how talented you are with your computer skills.

Seriously, how I wish I could sit next to yuo and watch you do this.

Better, yet, if we co blogged...we'd be unstoppable.

Adorable, you are.

Here's the link to Baby E's scary Zombie post entry.

Anonymous said...

lol Love the picture. You look good in Zombie.

Here is my creepiest post. Not sure if it's creepy or just a really disgusting fact about myself I really shouldn't share. I mean, I do want to make friends eventually.

Suzy Myers said...

My creepiest post is here:

Unless you want to count the one where David Hasselhoff and Michael Bolten very nearly serenade us.


Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Here's my creepiest post, an homage to Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Macey said...

That picture of you is creepy. Pee in my pants creepy.

Chantel said...

Love the pic of you :)

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