Monday, October 11, 2010

And the winner is...

I would like to compliment you all on your incredible taste in Mullets and Muppets.

Who knew there were so many Labyrinth fans out there?

The winner of this incredible 80's chic giveaway is:

(I will be emailing you)

If any of you are still looking for a Halloween costume, go rent this movie. You will be inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, I have been thinking of getting a new hair cut. One that reflects my passion for The Goblin King. Here is what I've come up with so far:

Business in the front

Or maybe this one:

Party in the back

Kurt: "Please be joking"

Me: "Why? Wouldn't you love me with a mullet?"

Kurt: "I would love you. But it wouldn't be easy."



Sara Strand said...

Is that real belly ahir or stick on? Because that answer may sway my decision..

Suzy Myers said...

There is a coupon in the paper for laser hair removal...just sayin'.


Chantel said...

Both hair styles are winners to me.

Fox and Amy said...

I vote for the second look--that extreme happy trail is just so sexy!
P.S. Kurt is funny. I still crack up at your "Would your mother like that?" story!

Mama Mary said...

I think I'm scarred forever by that second photo. : )

McKell said...

i'm so so happy i won!!! :)
just making sure you got my email & address?
thanks a billion!

love those sexy pictures of you, lol!!

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