Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My voice is more important than an SEO friendly title.

Hi guys, I am participating in the SITS Get Back to Blogging event.

Today's prompt: Re-upload a post with a title that you are particularly proud of and explain why.

This one was hard. I am not really good at coming up with titles. Usually I finish a post, and stare at that blank title space for a few hours minutes before I finally just write something dumb and hit publish.

This used to bug me, but then Elizabeth at Twelve Crafts to Christmas left me this comment, and it changed the way I look at my titles:

"You know what I love about your blog . . . it's the fact that when I'm scrolling down my google reader and all I can see is the title of the post, I instantly know it's your blog . . . just from the post title. When I read, "Sorry you're not memorable . . . but at least your job sucks," I knew it was your post. ;) "

So you know what? They may not be SEO friendly, but those ridiculous titles? They are part of who I am.

So here you go. This is my very favorite title. I hope you like it, too.

A used condom? Aw, thanks Pittsburgh. How did you know?

I went over to my friend Alexia's house after work, and helped her clean. She's getting married TODAY, and she needed to be out of her apartment by last night. It was the last minute kind of stuff- scrubbing floors, packing up the food, cleaning the refrigerator, etc.

I think that counts double. I cleaned, and it was service. Pretty sure that means I don't have to clean my apartment for at least a month. All in favor, say Aye!

I've been thinking about starting a new series, about Pittsburgh. After all, this is Life in the Pitts. Now that it's warm out, I've started exploring a little bit more, and you guys- Pittsburgh is awesome! I want to start taking pictures of it, and showing it to you.

What would I call that? Pictures of Pittsburgh? Steeler Scenes? I Suck At Titles?

If you have any ideas, let me know.

No rush or anything- it's not like I can start right now. My camera is in the shop. It has been for almost 3 months. And I am really, really mad a Sony.

Last night I went running again. I go all the time.

Ok, that was a lie. I go sometimes. And I do more walking than running. But don't worry, I'm still on for the 1/8K this fall.

After I got home from my grueling cleaning session over at Alexia's (see? I totally earned that break), I grabbed my sports bra and running shoes and headed out the door. In Kurt's socks. Which are huge.

"Hey Kurt, these socks are HUGE. I think my feet have shrunk."


"Ok, that might be a lie. I'm wearing your socks. See ya!"

I ran out the door before he could answer. I thought about not saying anything, but he would have figured it out. He has a very organized sock drawer.

When I got to Schenley, I noticed a used, juicy condom that someone had thoughtfully left right next to my parking spot.

Oh Pittsburgh. You shouldn't have.

Just be glad I didn't have my camera, because I would definitely be putting that image up.

I thought about grabbing it. I don't have a gift for Alexia, and this could be from me, AND Pittsburgh. Or maybe we could use it to decorate their car.

...Just kidding. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

At least, not while my camera is broken.

Thanks Sony. You just ruined Alexia's wedding.

This event is being sponsored by Standards of Excellence,Westar, and Florida Builder Appliances.



Jen said...

I couldn't agree more. I love coming up with ridiculous and witty titles.

SEO be damned. ;)

Jen said...

Oh and that was a great title, btw. :)

Mrs. Mootz said...

LOVE the title! Screw SEO...just don't leave the condom next to my car....

Your pics are way cute also.

{NiceGirlNotes} said...

The fact that you used the word "juicy" to describe "condom" made me throw up a little bit.

It's cool, girl. We're still cool. ;)

Ami Allison said...

Please tell me you wore your granny panties!!

Suzy Myers said...

ummm....eating lunch here!!

Bleh! :)

LOVE the sock drawer cartoon. Your husband and mine have to be related.


viewfromdownhere said...

oh yes, I remember this title...I do like the job sucks one, too,'re always original!

Melissa said...

Run away with me and have my babies?

~~Mia~~ said...

i adore your pictures. ah yes, i loved that blog post. and your titles rock too :)

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