Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's totally Fall. When did that happen?

Welcome to my third edition of

On Reasons To Lose

I showed off my awesome photography skills

And then I tried to come up with a sneaky plan . But it turns out I'm bad at those.

And finally, I realized that I need to learn how to tone down my grunting.

On the Internet

I sucked on Twitter.

Things I wish I could take credit for, because they are awesome.

This child has the right idea.

I wish I didn't identify with this post. BUT I DO.

I agree with the Athiest (No, not the one with the blow dryer. The one who wrote this post).


And now I want to get to know you! Leave a comment with a link to your best written post, so I can come read it.



Anonymous said...

so I wrote this post after thinking about your sister visiting and how cool it would be.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks!

(I spent two years at Pitt, including a visit to the dental school where the students helped fix me up after I fell on my face the night before. What can I say, I like beer.)

the thrifty ba said...

this is what fairy tales look like in a home full of boys...

viewfromdownhere said...

It was tough because I feel like I was blog slacking this week....

This is why I'm lucky T is marrying me:

Lisa said...

just found your blog, lots of fun! Welcome to pittsburgh! I am up in the Butler area, and hope that you are enjoying our fair city!!

Unknown said...

Hi, just found your blog and its great! Am following you now. Check mine out if you like

Mongooseholly said...

I'm so glad you asked because I wrote this the other day and wanted to show you it, just couldn't think of a way to do it without seeming totally weird!

Chantel said...

I love reading your links. I don't know how you find these things. But I love it.

Also, I agree with the athiest too.

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