Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And there wasn't even a tornado that time.

(I'm scheduling this post ahead of time, because today I'm heading over to Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom for an interview. Which you will not want to miss)

YES! The leaves are starting to change. Pretty soon there are going to be piles of crunchy leaves on the ground, just waiting to be raked up and jumped in.

(photo by michaelaw)

When I lived on the blueberry farm in Michigan, we had a really flat yard (except for the bomb shelter in the back), with a lot of trees. And our yard was HUGE. We're talking thousands and thousands of leaves.

I loved jumping in the piles. And then picking bits and pieces out of my hair for the next three days (I didn't shower very often back then).

(the yard was similar to this one, by mossholder)

You know what else we had? Giant wind storms. The kind that would knock the power out for a whole week.

This one time we had a crazy windstorm, and when we went outside the next day, all of our beautiful, crunchy leaves were gone.

We looked across the street, and our neighbors house was covered.

You couldn't even see the front windows.

It was the biggest pile we had ever seen.

We felt kind of bad, and thought about mentioning it to our parents...

...but then we realized that they would make us clean it up.

You guys, these weren't even our nice neighbors.

So we pretended we didn't notice.

Life in the Pitts

(these are actual photographs from our childhood. We had an awesome camera.)

In that same crazy storm, the wind picked up our trampoline, and wrapped it around a tree.

No really, that happened.

It was pretty intense.

Life in the Pitts
(David really liked soccer)

And there wasn't even a tornado that time.

It really did knock out our power for a week. My mom got pretty stressed out. But I didn't really mind. It's not like I would have showered anyway.


I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. Maybe...go jump in some leaves? Or possibly... Chantel loves Cats.

What do you love about fall?



viewfromdownhere said...

I love your illustrations...too funny :-)

Traci said...

Pulling out sweaters that have been packed away. Apple festivals. Cooler evenings. Comfort food in the crockpot.

mypixieblog said...

I also am a huge fan of the accompanying illustrations :p

Fall is my favorite year but it's amazing how windy it got in New York all of a sudden. But I love it all: the cider, the pumpkin patches, fresh apples, hay rides, haunted houses, the sound of crunching leaves.

Amber said...

I really like how crazy you made Chantel look! I couldn't stop laughing and then I saw Davids caption and laughed even harder :) In my defense, I have saved you from a ton of potentially horrific deaths by deeming things 'scary'

Chantel said...


oh my gosh. I laughed so hard.

I had no idea I looked that scary! I mean, I've seen some pics where I look like one of the kids from "Children of the Damned" or something, but those pics take the cake.

I love how you made all of us! It's perfect.

And yes, I do love cats :-)

the thrifty ba said...

i was wondering who the voice of reason was...i knew it wasnt you! thank you amber for keeping h alive so we can laugh at her blog!
i lived in a city growing up and the biggest 'thing' that could happen was that the trash collectors went on strike, the trash piled up (always in the summer heat) and we went to jersey to a relatives home so we wouldnt die from at rat bite.
ah-to live on a blueberry farm...

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