Thursday, September 2, 2010

And the Best Sister Award goes to....


My sister came to visit!
(This sister)

I've been waiting and waiting for my family to come. I would watch my friends Nicole and Tiffany as their families flew in to stay with them again and again. And I was happy for them.

(Ok, that's a lie. I was jealous. Completely jealous. Like, I wanted to hit them over their heads with their trendy clothes and yummy recipes. I didn't though. BECAUSE I'M A GOOD FRIEND).

It's not that my family doesn't miss me (I think). It's just that they are busy, and they don't have a lot of extra money right now, and they prefer reading about my life to actually being in my life.

But then Amber called me one day and said "Dave and I want to come visit! How does next week sound?"

"Um, it sounds AWESOME."

And it was.

We saw the sights, ate yummy food, and made them sleep on the Foam (because we are terrible hosts).

(We took lots of pictures, but they are all on her camera, and she hasn't shared them yet. So for now, you'll have to use your imagination.)

She made me promise not to mention anything about her trip to you guys until after she got home. Something about security, and privacy, and not wanting creepy stalkers to know their house was empty and practically begging to get robbed (I'm paraphrasing).

We made desserts, and went on long walks, and laughed until we cried.

I really missed her.

Also, when I made the mistake of telling her about my exercise goal for the week, she made me stick to it. Because she is a jerk.

But I forgave her because the 30 Day Shred is so much more fun when you aren't the only one cussing out Jillian Michaels.

She and Dave stayed for 6 days, but I swear it felt more like 2. Time just flew.

And when I dropped them off at the airport yesterday (at 5:30am), I wasn't worried anymore. I know they will come back to visit. Because we are THAT MUCH FUN.

(And also? I stole a bunch of stuff out of her suitcase. That's right Amber- if you want it back, you can come and get it)



Trista said...

LOve it!!! That's how I feel about my sister to a T!!! She is my best friend ever, and I steal her stuff too!!! Isn't that what sister's are for!

Unknown said...

I can't imagine living that far away from my family. I hope you get to see each other soon, again! :)

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a sister! I always wanted one. I love how close you are.

Corinne said...

haha that's awesome!
So glad you had family come and visit! it is the best feeling in the world!!!

Amber Dawn said... and your sister would probably be friends...because well I'm an Amber; and I too have a Dave. :)( are the receiver of my random thought for the day) :)

Chantel said...

I do miss! ... Tons. And I would love to visit and be in your life -even though reading about it is so fun! We don't have extra money right now. At all. So you'll have to wait a while.

I'll only come if I'm your favorite!!

the thrifty ba said...

youd better look around your home...i bet amber took something! i didnt have a sister, but i ALWAYS took something from my aunt when i went to visit!

Alisha K said...

Hello I am a new follower from TT. I would love a follow back at

Dawn Lopez said...

Hiya! I am your newest follower! Hope you will visit us at

Have a fun Thursday =)

JoJo said...

I'm jealous! I miss my sister now!

viewfromdownhere said...

aw, that's so sweet! I'm glad you got to spend time with your sister, and I hope the swag you stole was good :-)

Unknown said...

That is just so awesome that you got to spend time with your sister. I am sure she will be back soon.

StephaE said...

Found you from The Girl Creative's blog jump!!!! :)

I don't have a sister, well, I have two sister-in-laws, but I have always wanted to have a sister. It is great that you have one (especially that you can share clothes bet she stole things from your closet to go home with)

mypixieblog said...

I always wanted a sister, too. It sounds like you had a great time with her, it's nice to have family visit you from out of town.

Taking tokens from your guests is like throwing coins into the Trevi fountain: it ensures a speedy return :)

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