Friday, August 20, 2010

Where do you want to live when you grow up?

(I'm feeling very contemplative today.)

I have no idea.

I have always wanted to live in an apartment above a little coffee shop, or a used book store on a quiet downtown street.

Life in the Pitts

Or somewhere wild and beautiful, with mountains and forests.

But I grew up on the beach. This beach. Going to sleep to the sound Lake Michigan's waves is something I miss so much it hurts sometimes.

Life in the Pitts

Still, I want to try Maine.

And Georgia.

Kurt wants to try Kansas.

Life in the Pitts

And Alaska.

Life in the Pitts

I want to try them all.

But I married a (future) dentist. And eventually his income will depend on having a stable client base.

Someday, we are going to have to pick a spot and stay there. Forever.

We talk about this a lot. About what kind of life we want, and how we want to raise our kids.

We want simple, and wholesome. With kids playing outside all summer, and homemade dinners whenever possible.

Something like this.

How about you?



Shauna said...

YAY! I live in Kansas, I dont know for how much longer but I do for now! When I go to my folks house (they live in the country) I look out across the fields and it makes me feel all warm inside. Its like the way we used to live back in the day! Simplicity at its finest!!

Carolee Hollenback said...

We want to get an RV and travel- live everywhere!

For now, we just bought a camper and will have a second home at a campsite!

Visiting from Where's the love Friday.

Have a great day!

seven thirty three said...

Vermont! It is gorgeous and you have 4 seasons (although winter IS longest)... Great for raising kids and if you live close to Burlington you actually have some shopping too.

I have NO idea where we'll end up when the kids are grown. We both of LOTS of family here, so I don't know that we'll ever leave.

smashbravo said...

I would like to live in Hawaii. We lived there for a few years and it was the most laid back lifestyle ever. Even the freeways were laid back, not like here in Cali where traffic is non stop and so is the noise.

Looking forward to more posts, come by and say hello!

Anonymous said...

I live outside Nashville and LOVE it and I would love to settle here. I eventually want to live on a farm with a barn :) Not really have animals because that would be a lot of work but a barn for the kids :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

I do not know how close you are with your family but when you have children you will want them to be surrounded by grand parents; aunts; uncles etc..and family is quite useful in providing word of mouth advertising for a new business..just some thoughts..when I grow up I am going to be a famous writer and live at the beach.
I am a brand new visitor and follower from new friend Friday. I hope when you get the chance you will stop by to say hello.

Unknown said...

I want to live where my kids are happy and healthy. I want to live where I don't have to worry all the time. I want to live where there are happy people and I want to live where we feel secure.

Danielle said...

Dear Helena,,
Hi I found your blog via a new twitter friend, and I'm stoked to read more of your posts. I too am in the place right now where its hard to decide where we will land and sometimes we wish we could just ship all our 'stuff' to where we will land and not keep moving it. But I think that is part of the process, and as long as your fluid and open to change I think the right location and opportunity will find you.

Chantel said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures! I don't know yet where I want to live forever. I really like st George, and Orem is becoming home... maybe we'll just travel everywhere!

Michael doesn't like the cold very much, so wherever we live we might need to have a winter home somewhere hot. Like St. George!

beka said...

"above a little coffee shop, or a used book store on a quiet downtown street."....
Yep, prettymuch how I'd describe where I want to live when I grow up!!
We actually DO have a cute little coffee shop a few blocks away that I swear I'm going to work at someday, but I'm not seeing my parents moving anytime soon, and I SO do not want to live less than 2 minutes away from my parents when I DO move.
That would not be cool.
I mean, give me some space, huh??
Heh heh:)

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