Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is kicking my butt. ALREADY.

Hey guys, have you seen Reasons To Lose? It's a new fitness challenge blog following the stories of 5 girls who all have different reasons to lose weight and get in shape.

Life in the Pitts

And I'm one of them.

My sister Amber came up with the idea. It's easier to stick to a fitness schedule when you are working with other people, and when you have to report your successes (and failures) to the world.

Plus, it's a contest. Whoever shows the most improvement after 3 months gets a $100 gift certificate of their choice, provided by the losers.

Life in the Pitts

In case you are interested, here is my first post, which I wrote 2 weeks ago (prepare to be impressed).

This blog is written by a bunch of sisters. Which means there's tons of encouragement, honesty, and a few embarrassing pictures (thanks, Amber. Jerk.)

And here's the thing- you can participate too. Just check out our weekly challenges.

Heck, I'll just paste it in here, directly from the blog:

What are the challenges, you ask?

Every week we will be given two challenges. These challenges will start on Sunday (usually) and go through the following Saturday.

The first challenge will be physical: Run 15 miles this week, do 700 sit-ups, etc.

(kidding, I would die. The real challenges will be less extreme, I promise)

The second challenge will be either a nutritional, or a self esteem challenge.

At the end of the week, we will each write a post explaining our experiences with the challenges.

BE HONEST. If you failed the challenge, tell us why. If you rocked it, tell us how. Most importantly, tell us how you feel about it.

This weeks challenges

Physical Challenge: Choose from the following and find out how many you can do in one sitting: push-ups (which for me is like 4...), sit-ups or pull-ups. The challenge is to pick one, and once you figure out how many you can do, add half the original value on top of it by the end of the week. If you can do 10, the goal is to practice during the week and bring it up to 15 by Saturday.

Self Esteem Challenge: Stand in front of the mirror, and find 15 things that you love about your body. Write them down in a notebook, or on a piece of paper. You do not need to share your answers in your post.

This may take a few days to complete, and that's ok. Once you have your list, feel free to place it somewhere visible, like your mirror. It would be a good reminder to be kind to ourselves when we are looking in the mirror.


Love our weekly challenges? Here's some good news!

You Can Participate!

We'd love the company!

Here's what you need to do:

* Spend your week working on these challenges.

* Write a post about your experience.

* Link it up next Saturday.

We are excited to see you there!


I'm linking this post to my sister's new meme, Small Treasures Tuesday. Because getting in shape is a treasure.


Unknown said...

What a great idea, good luck to all of you ladies! :)

Vanessa said...

I want to play along! I need all the help I can get...

Denise said...

Hope you all have lot's of FUN with this:)

viewfromdownhere said...

I think T would definitely want me to do the self esteem challenge...I already do the physical challenge stuff :-) I might have to join in!

De Leon Signs said...

I love your blog! I want to join in too. Good Luck I hope you win!

Chantel said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I hope more people join in :-)

I love your pictures! the expressions are the best, and the lady bug is so cute!

Glad it's kicking your butt :-)

Carrie said...

You girls should check out Mamavation! It's women encouraging other women to get healthy for thier family! Check out Mamavation.com and also bookieboo.com. The creater Leah was featured in Woman's Day and was on the front page of yahoo! It really is an amazing group of women! So far I have lost about 5lbs.

Unknown said...

YAY! I'm excited that you're inviting us outsiders to join in!

PS -I really like your party hats. I think that the Lady Bug is super cute.

Dana @ Lil Family Blog said...

I may just play along too...I'm struggling with weight loss!


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