Sunday, August 1, 2010

Measuring with a string

I need a tape measure. The fabric kind. Especially now that I have a new sewing machine. I mean sure, my old method worked alright. I'm just ready for an upgrade.

Old Method:

Take a piece of string. Wrap it around whatever you are measuring, and then compare the string to a ruler.

It isn't nearly as exact as a tape measure. But sometimes that's a good thing.

"My thighs are how big? Well. This system is definitely flawed. I should re-measure, but hey, look at the time..."


Ami Allison said...

HAHA! OMG I do the same thing!! Your old method!

I gave you an award today on my blog!

Denise said...

You were probably using the METRIC side, right??? LOL That happens to me ALOT! Congrats on the new goodies:)

Amber Dawn said...

HAHAHAHA! YOu are really brave...yep I'm sure I would never measure that EVER on me!! :)

Unknown said...

I really like the ones that are thin and roll up like a snail! :) I'm sure your thighs aren't big at all. It's just a string conspiracy!

Chantel said...

That is what I do! I did that to determine my BMI for Reasons to Lose. LoL

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