Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm kind of mad. At myself. And that doctor.

Remember that time when Kurt ordered me to go see a doctor? Well, I just spent ALL DAY trying to make an appointment.

I hate my insurance.

Eventually it was all worked out, and my new doctor emailed me my new patient forms, so I can get started on them ahead of time. Sweet.

Except, I can't remember the dates of my last visits to the doctor.

So I called the BYU Health Center, and had them fax me my medical history.

26 pages later...

So here's the thing. A year ago, I had a pretty traumatic event that I'm not going to go into right now (but probably will one day), and I wrote up the sequence of events in the middle of the night by flashlight so that the next day I'd be able to explain it all to the doctor without forgetting anything.

It was on a piece of torn paper. Which I shoved in my pocket the next day heading out the door.

And the handwriting? Even worse than usual.

The next afternoon I was telling my doctor about my scary experience, and he asked if he could make a copy of that paper, so he could reference it later. I said sure.

A few weeks later all the tests were back and I was healthy and I went on with my life.

So why am I bringing this up now?

HE ENTERED THE PAPER INTO MY MEDICAL RECORDS. That torn, crumpled piece of paper that I wrote on by flashlight? Where I hysterically explained some really creepy things that my body was doing, but that later turned out to be not a big deal? I have a copy of it in my hands right now.

And so does my new doctor.

And my health insurance people.

And that nice lady who faxed the records to me. She's probably reading it as we speak- it's better than a novel.

What the heck, doctor? If I had known that this was going to be passed around like a dirty magazine, I would have at least typed it up. And maybe not dropped it in that puddle.

So, I'm thinking that the moral of this story is get a copy of your medical records. You might find something interesting.

Also? If you are going to use Tampons, do not use Tampax Pearl. Trust me on this one.

(I'm thinking Snopes got this one wrong, because it happened to me, too.)



Stephanie - My Frugal Lifestyle said...

Wow! I sure hope everything is okay! That's crazy that you brought up Tampax Pearl! I had a problem with that brand about a year ago as well and as soon as I quite using them, I haven't had a problem since! It's great to let other know about this!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

I think I'd be scared to see my medical records. I'll pass!

Ami Allison said...

I had a 5 POUND yes....FIVE POUND fibroid tumor removed from my uterus 7 years ago. IT and all it's grossness is in my file for all the world to see. My husband calls it the "ham" but it wasn't just your average tumor either and it is THE reason Alice was so hard to obtain and why she is extra extra extra special too! Dr#1 wanted to take out ALL my parts. Dr's #2 and #3 painstakingly removed only the tumor leaving me and very scared but intact uterus. 5 years and many meds, treatments, 1 more surgery, shots, procedures.....we have an ALICE MARIE!! :) BUT I feel your pain! I DO!!

Corinne said...

holy crap.

i'm running home tonight and throwing out every single tampax pearl i own (and I own a in the 50 piece box, yo).
that is terrifying!

Hope everything is ok! I'm going to ask to get my medical records now...I'm beyond curious!

Unknown said...

I was creepy-sick in college once too. Hope the new doc works out for you!!!!

Amber Dawn said...

Oh my gosh Helena...thats horrible.

I'm glad you're okay now but seriously...what a sucky thing to do as a doctor!

However, maybe now your story can save other girls from going through what you did because I'm soooo never going to use Tampax pearl again!

debbie said...

They will write every single thing you say to them down. When my son was younger and really sick(I was up all night long with him) I said to my doctor, this kid is really sick. They wrote that down, and made a snide remark about it in his file. I snooped through it one day a couple of years ago and saw it. I now don't say anything to them, I don't have to.

viewfromdownhere said...

Oh my god, that is so scary...I'd hate to see what is in my medical records, actually. I was quite a difficult patient as a child and teenager, so I can't imagine my doctor wrote glowing notes about me after appointments...

Chantel said...

eesh, I don't like that.

I've only used the pearl tampons once, but I won't ever again because... yeah.

I hope you like your new doctor!

Danielle said...

a) agreed never pearls again.

b) I once in college listed all the things I had eaten for the past two days and when I was throwing up , in the hopes that my doctor would help me figure out what I was allergic to or something helpful. Instead he was like 'are you always this obsessive?' 'is it possible you are depressed'

UH Nah Dude,, I'm not depressed I've been vomiting for a few days now and its all starting to blur and I would like you to make it stop so I thought I would bring you info to HELP me...dummy.!!!

beka said...

Okay, I'm choking on a laugh at the "and this person, and this person....." and- "don't use tampax pearl. trust me on this one"..

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