Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Subtlety is overrated.

I'm learning Spanish. I feel like it's a smart thing to do, since Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the US.

I didn't learn it in high school. Actually, the only languages I currently speak are English, ASL, and that irritating dialect used to speak to cute babies and furry animals.

Here's my plan so far:

I added the Spanish Word of the Day widget to my iGoogle. Se lo recomiendo.

Also, I've been watching Spanish Soap Operas on YouTube.

(if it doesn't work, come back later- it's worth it)

Here's what I've learned:

No quiero vivir sin ti = I don’t want to live without you

Te juro que no es veneno = I swear it's not poison

Te voy a matar = I’m going to kill you

Necesito sentirte = I need to feel you

Vamos a mi hotel ahora = Let's go to my hotel now

No me toques = Don’t touch me (this one comes in handy when I have a "headache")

Me muero de ganas = I am dying of desire

I feel like this is a good start.


I'm linking this to my sister's new meme, Small Treasures Tuesday. Because knowing how to say dirty phrases in Spanish is a treasure.

Usted trae los condones, voy a traer la cerveza



Unknown said...

4 semesters of spanish at college and I never learned so many fun sayings. I know two phrases: May I go to the bathroom? and I need a cat in my pants. Classy, right? lol

Denise said...

"Por favor" (please)frequently comes in QUITE handy! :) When did you learn ASL?? My momma is a interpreter for our church services. Unfortunately, most of the deaf that were in the "Deaf Ministry" have moved or passed on to the Lord. Occasionally we do have a guest who pops in and then she's ON THE SPOT.....LOL
We started teaching Goose when she was a baby:)

Chantel said...

Wow, those are great. I'm glad you know how to say those thing, they'll come in quite handy.

Chantel said...

Learning to say dirty phrases in any languages is treasure ;-)\

Thanks for linking up!

Kendra Goodrich said...

Muy bien! Watching TV does help though they talk really fast. I like the pick up line at the end. Classy.

Kenzie said...

I am very envious! I have always wanted to be able to rant in a foreign language. It sounds very sophisticated!

Unknown said...

Ohhh....I like this! Maybe I should learn some of the more racier ones! :)

DB said...

Tu espanol is muy bueno. Los muchachos en mi clase de espanol hablan espanol muy escandaloso todos los dias. Es...interesante.

That's about as far as my Spanish goes during the summer, but yeah. I'm jealous of the ASL. I'm loaded up on Spanish classes, so hopefully, I'll be fluent-ish when I get out of college, but I kind of want to take ASL classes too. I just know the alphabet.

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

You are hilarious! Go Espanol!

Kristen said...

Well you got all the really important phrases down..I think you should be good to go!

Unknown said...


Nikki said...

You are so funny! I dream of posting things like that on my blog. But then I remember my in-laws :P and how I'm already not their favorite. I totally admire how you just say whatever! Keep it up :)

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...


I've been sitting here for at least an hour getting caught up on your blog and it is hilarious! Wow, you are quite entertaining. Thanks for all the laughs!

K A B L O O E Y said...

I've been pingponging (yes, it's a verb) around your site ever since beaming myself over from The Empress' place. Terrific job. I've been reading for a while now, quite happily, and haven't even scratched the surface of things to enjoy. For instance, I'm looking forward to reading why you hate computers, am heartened that you have more posts about burlap than depression (you see, I skew the other way) and that you are turning your character flaws into entertainment for me. And any friend of The Empress' is one of mine. If you'll have me and all. Otherwise I'd just be a stalker I guess, and who needs one of those.

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