Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Awesome Brother In Law (this might change your life)

Hey guys, Have you checked out my Sponsors? They are all there for a reason. BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME.

Do you see the one in the middle of the top row? Here, it looks like this:

Life in the Pitts

That button leads to an awesome website, designed and run by my brother in law, Dave Hulihan (Amber's Husband).

I love it. It's called the Wishilist Factory, and it has made our birthdays and holidays SO much easier.

Here, I'll let him tell you all about it (and I'll even add more pictures, just for you guys).

Hi, my name’s Dave, and I’m the owner and developer of, a private wishlist website for friends and families. This website lets you create wishlists(for any event or person) that you can then share with a group of people.
A little background

I have a big family, and my wife’s family is also pretty big. As you can imagine, keeping track of what one individual person wants for their birthday or for Christmas can be a nightmare...

Growing up, I often received bizarre gifts like Volcano Documentaries, Oven Mitts, Socks, Thermometers, etc. Not bad gifts, but not always appropriate for a teenage boy. I think these were the result of people not actually knowing what I had on my wishlist.
Originally, I made this website for my wife, who loves Christmas and buys a ton of gifts for everyone. During the holiday season it can be tough to stay sane while keeping track of what people want and who has already bought a gift on someone’s wishlist. This website helps out with that.
WishlistFactory lets you create a wishlist for yourself or anyone else in your family, and you can create groups(like one for your family and one for your in-laws) of people that can then see that wishlist.

Surprise Protection is very important, the person who the wishlist is for must never know what other people are getting them!
Other people in the group can add gifts to anyone’s wishlist and change the status of the gift(if you bought the gift, you would mark the gift as Purchased and so on) so no one ever buys the same gift as someone else(which prevents awkward moments).
There’s a lot of other cool features on the website, so stop by and check them out. This is a free service, so create an account and try it out. Hopefully it will help with keeping your sanity when it comes to gift-giving.

So here's the thing- this website has made holidays and birthdays so much easier. Especially since I moved across the country.

No more calling people over and over to say "Do you have any idea what to get this person?"

So go check it out. It's awesome.



UnicycleRose said...

It is a gift registry without having to get married or have a baby. Excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

pretty cool! I'm going to check that out!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this idea! Dave must be pretty creative {I mean...look at that face! It screams creativity! LOL} -I'm going to spread the word! Every family needs to know about this! :)

Dave said...

Thanks for the post Helena! Also, thanks for your selection of photos me...very classy.

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.
Have a great day!

Chantel said...

It is awesome. It's a great idea, and very convenient. Also, those pics of Dave are the best. Ever.

nick said...

So beautiful

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